To that Luminary.

Image result for shiva the destroyer wallpaper hd

Grey-like dust formed,

surrounded with harsh apprehension,

He stood tall,  like the tallest statue ever,

where the sycophants lurked under his mammoth shadow,

He knew it all, grabbed the existence minutely.He was the light bearer, the code -giver, a thought to the ignorant;

voice loud and eccentric adding stars to his stoic caricature.

He toiled when it rained

rubbed his worries, folded them back in his pocket only to give flowers made of paper;

such was his girth, I knew the tremors his foot felt,

while walking towards the right reason.

He bathed in pain, often,  fastened his mishaps,

Like the shimmering stars, the glow of the moon,

was his flickering smile.



12 thoughts on “To that Luminary.

  1. This is a nice piece. I’d comment, but I notice you now ignore my comments, so why bother right. Same on what it takes to be successful to be a writer. There’s no point in giving an opinion to a person who has no interest in hearing that opinion. That alone…will prevent you from becoming a successful writer. Have a nice day. Cheers. : )

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  2. My sincerest apology Devika. After I made 4-5 comments that weren’t posted by you, I thought perhaps you had “blacklisted” me…for saying something you didn’t like. Again, my apologies. I can’t think of anyone on WP that I enjoy reading more than you. I think you write very well and look forward to each post you make. Please forgive me for the misunderstanding. Forrest

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s totally understandable Forrest.This can happen to anyone.
      I am glad you still enjoy my work but somehow I am unable to check your posts.Tried often, still couldn’t.
      I’m sure you are equally a well expressed writer.

      Liked by 1 person

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