Like Blood Or Thunder

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Like blood even thunder,

hailstorms, it knocks my quietness

Heaviness as dark as the mystery;

knocks the solace, again and again

till the time the volcano erupts,

that declares the end of the riot,

sometimes even the beginning.



14 thoughts on “Like Blood Or Thunder

  1. A freight train on a daily basis is a freight train.
    And has no awareness that it is a freight train.
    If itโ€™s unsettling, for the time being just let the freight train be a freight train.
    A freight train has to run. To keep the rails from getting rusty.
    It is in his nature. It does not mean that his absolute focus has in anyway changed.
    Thatโ€™s how men areโ€ฆat least the freight trains.
    And with such men the volcano is always good to go.

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