My pillow talks.

The marks of water still exists from the last night on my white sheet pillow,

That pillow heard me struggling last night,it watched everything quietly,absorbed brilliantly!

Now,as I watch that sheet,it reckons the grappling that existed between my body and the pillow,mouth faced towards it,screams,shouts lost in infinite transparent moment.



48 thoughts on “My pillow talks.

  1. Pillows knows our most intimate thoughts and secrets..
    all the woe we go through at nights when the world 🌎 is quiet and still.. and our minds screams in agonizing voice to be heard.
    The tears 😭 we shed that is catch and known only by our pillows..
    those stains tells a tale.. that’s between you and your supportive pillows knows..

    Pillows talk!!!!

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