It’s the Doomsday.

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Today is the day when I feel the doomsday

clotting my blood

palpitating my heart.

The rumbling of emotions too hard to handle

The sorrow shall blow the flickering candle,

The enigma bloats the conscious,

like the unkindled romance,

or never met the loving couple

the luminous soul bleeds,

yearning stoutness.

The eyes for this day

don’t glitter,

for it’s the doomsday.


33 thoughts on “It’s the Doomsday.

  1. From your previous writings, I know your guy is nuts about you.
    I’m sure things in your world are as right as can be. So, I’ll take this as a piece of fiction.
    That’s the thing, you have to know when you’re reading fiction.
    And when you’re reading reality.
    You have a wonderful weekend Devika.

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    1. You are pretty right.My guy and me are all in love madly.
      But as you said,things can’t be right always,still we need to fight for.
      You have been an amazing judge of my poetry.I’m flattered as always.
      Thank you and wish you the same Forrest.

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      1. I admire your writing greatly Devika.
        Remember, a partnership is based upon partners being equals.
        That is why one seeks out a partnership with another.

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          1. Even if it is, I personally did not care a return or interest in exchange, even if the one is not caring or going bla bla. Its just for a few nano second. I am told if ur good u receive goodness eventually. 🙂

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