Delight Touch

Image result for featherSingle, double

one on the other,  


like mermaid’s eye,

imprints of your surreal skin,

like the imprints on the sky,

wanderer, a hungry lioness,

colossal walks,

endless nights,



fiction as hard as a black rock,

Wrinkles formed, beneath thy body,

inside thy soul,

clamouring, in the wild ebb,

Then, this feather

soft as poppy,

hug my veins, all of it.

Runs magic, autonomy,

dissolving into my red,




Making inside shine,

oh thy feather,

forming straight paths to walks,

The red nails,

consonance to drugged-eye.


the stealth of symphony,

like the icicles formed,

One on one,

unveiling the touch,

patterns formed.




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