The colours of your Love..

"Your Presence ignites the fire in my soul & the passion in my body so exquisitely that I can feel my existence beyond dimensions & parameters. I know deep inside me that we will always be strong together & I will be with you forever." ~ Written by Aarti Khurana β™₯β™₯ Beautiful Artwork ~ Artist Unknown:

Pick up the long brush and dip it into the red colour,then stroke my body with the same..dip it again in that heavy paint..colour my waist till the moonlit drops and the anew morning knocks the door.Take me in you,again and again..hold me hard so that my heartbeat stops,let me feel my oblivion as I breathe hard,now arrest me in your thoughts.The dimensions does not concludes at this level as I am still awake so take me back again there,make me free..make me wild.The touch of your hands on my back is like the strong fire that ignites my future wisdom,so show me your colour depth!Don’t stop thumping my mind..don’t stop making me wild.Hold your brush more tightly and colour my body once again.This zone where I have been has suffocated me since then, the brim of my love extinguished and got lost,so make them discover for the new delights all over my body,then we could luxuriate together.Take me to the wildest world,where our desires can could sparks and the nights shall be bright.Show me your colour..the deep passionate one,and fill me with that till I break.



127 thoughts on “The colours of your Love..

      1. Sure thing! ☺ sorry it took me a while…I’ve been doing some fine tuning with my blog lately plus I have work and mommy-duties I’m trying to catch up on my reading…I hope you won’ttake that against me.😊

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  1. Wow 😳.. mmm Mmmmm.. love ❀️ intensity of passion.. and the extreme way one should feel during that act of being together. Enjoying each other..

    Yep.. I love ❀️ it girl.. I love ❀️ your colors of love..

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  2. Omg!! Amazed to see you in this genre crafting intense deep & wild scenerio of passionate love potrayed via beautiful medium of colours and canvas.Anything could be imagine depends on perception but you certainly excellant on throwing thoughts.

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  3. Oh my
    Lot of action in this post
    Seems like by the end of it you threw your diary on floor and opened your partners door
    I see it between intense and on the verge of erotic
    Glad you ended your poem soon
    Otherwise the readers would also have thrown their devices and knocked their partners room down
    All the best !!
    Fully charged post !!
    You gotta be high to write such a post

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