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The bottom and the rim of my heart is blank,

no tides or waves..

not even monsoon peeps the heart,

the conjectures doesn’t smell fresh,

name it stale,

name it hideous,

nothing alluring,

like it’s all plain,

and black.

The high spirits,still linger,

through the dark holes,

through the black lines,

only to know,

will the blankness still persist more.


Unspoken Hate.

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Today,a new flower has risen from the watering of the past;

a new soul is satisfied from the mollification of yesterday;

I am like an umbrella,maybe unable to halt the rains,

yet confident enough to stand in the rain.

So,come and make me numb.For my silence will mutilate your heart;

to the parts your own soul will cry for hell to hug you hard.


The remains of my Heart.

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By the time I am perfect,I shall be in pieces bifurcated in millions of skin;

And then my remains will be imperfect for you,for my divisions will not be in accordance of your mundane expectations;

The thoughts have started already to torment me in the hatred I have for my presence.

The shimmer seems vanishing now,in the lost desire for solace.

As she cried.


As the hushed night made its way,in the deep morbid starry night..she was sitting in her room,all lost..thinking the most heinous acts acted on her.she managed to gaze the almighty moon..the twinkling of stars from a distance and this all began when everyone laid asleep in the midnight.

She couldn’t sleep that peacefully for sure like everyone else did.What was so troubling to her?The dreary thoughts have made her exploited.The abominable night has made her dulcet beauty go arcane.She managed to go silently by the window and drift the curtains apart and now those eyes watched the shimmering stars closely,what was she pondering on?She took the strand of her hair and twirled it now as she looked out of her chained window. hmm…the ruthless society has made her go all insipid.She wonders now,is anyone going to be a part of her shallow heart?She is crying now..tears slowly rolling down from her beautiful yet watery the first tear comes..drop,drop..drop!No sound it made!Aahh..she is no impeccable yet the most beautiful souls do not fail to crush all the simple beliefs she carries..does she means to be baleful to others?she ponders.People have shook her to the roots of her mind and soul..specially the loved ones!Now in this dark tormented night,no soul comes out for her help.She gets entangled in the utter disgraceful thoughts thrown upon her by the people.She is hurt..indeed!!

The tears rolling down have the immense power to make her weak, she cries she begin to realize what all she has achieved in her short span of life..the real question ignited in her mind is for whom has she attained actually?Since her childhood she has managed to come out of the dark-box and be a lighting to all the others.She has crafted her own one else has been the author of her life but she.Often,the outlandish behaviour of hers has made her go all wrong..still she had the courage and ethics to make everything go exactly the way she wants.So why now??Why this time?

As she cries,she feels something blocking her blood to reach the heart..she begins to palpitate now.She desires for a helping hand maybe,as she has relied enough on the other sources..this is now when she exclaims to herself  “I feel hostile towards the night”

After a few minutes,she inhales and decide to close the curtains..she knows who she is,she remembers this uncouth world can never take responsibility of her actions.She is what she is!Afterall she is sturdy,a robust aura..yes,she cries..she feels shaken to the roots,still manages to collect all her shaken pieces of heart..all the shattered beliefs and again amalgamates them.She was a dreamer and will be one.The nights will always be dark and her fears and threats will always be lurching in the dark..people will hurt her as part of their routine,still she has realized and felt..people need her approval for that first,to which she denies!At last she can sleep now.

Kill me already.

Take your favourite weapon and then cut me in halves,bit by bit and in pieces uncountable,

then splash the color of my skin on your hands,take pleasure in it..give smiles for it,just kill me already;

Then carry my body all soaked in blood pieces,have a bonfire ..burn it there,sing jingles or tantrums to my soul..just kill me already;

Chop my innocence,cut my simplicity..take me to hell with a pointy dagger still in me,curse my mind,play with my something incorrigible,that my soul only can know..just kill me already.



Dark magic.

In the dark full moon night,she sat with all the equipments required,ready to perform the ritual,ready to burn with fire;

she demands the lost love of her life,once dedicated to her,now cheated on her,she wishes to crush the other girl,then burn in hell;

all the animals united for her,willing to sacrifice their precious hearts to her,she seems a devil for now,what love has made her,sigh!

“wither,shatter,crooked you shall,torpedo look-alike you may have”

she chants the curse on the go,in she puts another soul,the magic pot bubbling high,

the rising fumes telling the story of her pain,her pesky eyes growing more in violent slain;

“wither,shatter,crooked you shall,heartless you might feel always”

she rumbles and chants the horror again in agony,as red,green,her eyes appear;

now the once gone black sky is litted with the dark magic,sacrificed souls,spirits rising high;

the sly smile covers her paltry face,the hands still does not stop being sadist to him;

blood is what she will drink,merry her heart will string,chaos she will spread,humanity all dead;

revenge she seeks,raising undesired beasts whom she instructs the most awful product;

jolly she feels now,shunning her dedicated love,happy feet high on the sky,giggling with another guy,she finds her solace again.