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With a pinch of faith.

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Hush you grey clouds,

today the waters shall abate,

like a thunder you say,vapid butterflies

shall fly away

free from the earth

somewhere they make merry

Hush you insensate emotions

my sweet canvass awaits for me

with some bubbles of faith,

and some roses of hope

I shall re-colour you grey cloud,

with the deepest of pure tremor.


Waves and sunshine.

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How obnoxious our minds get at times,when our stomach aches nothing but pain,how crucial life gets to see a turbulence in our entire mind.Emotions get wrapped up as a package of miseries,unspoken hate and more worries.Those time takes us back to square one,where the roads once were bruised just like our heart.The soreness bites our little grinning thoughts that might have appeared through our smile,yes,it happens.

What do we do next?

There have been desolations since centuries after bloodshed,wars and this time the havoc comes when the peace in our heart is blacked out just like the charcoal.The brutality of times can never be said,there shall come,kill your innocuous soul and move on,it’s us who needs to erase the past,the past of hatred…the past of scratches,for there comes a beaming sunshine and a splendid view that shall scintillate our heartbeat and give us that bounce and once stolen thunder.

And my dear,that beam is still in you so sparkle more and unravel your solitude once again.

The great Rise.

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I got rust all over my naked body,with all the hatred people gave me,wounds made their way in my soul, throughout my entire palpitating heartbeat.

For all these years I took your abhorrent word,my stars really never stopped flickering for me;

I am raw,I am the foundation,society said the heinous words in the times of profound acquaintance,

You polish my soul more and more,make me shine like a diamond-ring,

Rub me harder with your obnoxious ways,and I shall rise in the most splendid way.


Above the earth,below the sky.


Just got back from Acadia National Park where I believe I saw the clearest skies I've come across in all my travels. {OC} (1540x2048):
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There is a spark that holds me still,a magnanimous soul that keeps my calm,

above the earth,below the sky;

I don’t know the complete veracity,I am unaware of my future nature;

above the earth,below the sky;

I walk a million milestones,sometimes tired,sometimes vexed,and I walk,

above the earth,below the sky;

The power I see,the insistent kiss of the wind I feel,is so intriguing,

above the earth,below the sky;

What holds me so sturdy,the question gently pounds my heart;

above the earth below the sky;

only as I stop to lift the veil,I found the fire is within me,that kept me walking;

without a pause,

I learnt the truth,

above the earth,


below the sky.


And the odyssey continues..


Triumph in my heart exists,as I have discovered the profound rumbling of my jocular heart.The pieces if put together of my heart bit by bit..they speak the versatility of the mind I possess governing the emancipation of morbid thoughts I had once.So peculiar it sounds to hear the constant regular uneventful mind i had once is producing a verve of synchronization of my heart with my mind.Listen up my mind..aahhh,beautiful vibrant rainbow like thoughts,connecting me to melt into my own world ..the world which is covered with lush green sorroundings.The knock of my love has connected me to the charm i have.The petals of my heart are blossoming,demanding to be my tower of strength,so dulce and well lighted soul is the essence i possess,i own..i am the ultimate ship ready to sail with the wind,uninhibited i remain!