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3 day quote challenge!

Wow!It feels like million of ages since I’ve spread the good charms of optimism around and so here I begin my journey once again.To start off I would like to show immense gratitude  to for providing me with beatific opportunity as I truly love the idea of quotes challenge.

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“I had made mistakes in the past,I surely will continue to make further,the best thing that still intact me is the fact I shall be still the same.”-MY VALIANT SOUL.

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That’s all for now,Enjoy and have a great weekend!

3 day quote challenge!

Hola,my valuable readers!

I was  nominated  for this challenge long back ago,once again to carry on the spark of spreading vibrant quotes and peace in each heart out there by an amiable blogger   and thus,I will be hoping to do my task the best way possible.

The category I choose today is DESIRE!

1-Free from the desire,you realize the mystery,caught in the desire you only see the manifestations.~Tao Ti Ching

2You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream!~C.S Lewis.

So chase your desires,your flowy dreams..age does not matter!

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Till then..

Last day of quote challenge.#Day 3.

Thankyou Nina for nominating me for this adorable quote challenge.So finally It is my last day to post the 3 day quote challenge.

RULES-1.Thank the person that nominated you.

2-Post 1-3 quotes for consecutive 3 days.

3-Nominate 3 other bloggers each day.

Today I would like to throw some light onLAUGHTER!

Laughter is the best tonic, Audrey Hepburn- + extreme sensitivity and a high healthy positive intellect, and the most important thing goodness.Then you got it + a dash of beauty:

I do profoundly believe,to laugh is to loosen up all 206 bones of your body as it generously fills your heart with sheer happiness and gratitude.To be impeccable is human,so let go off your imperfections and enjoy the treasure of this life!LAUGH MY FRIEND..IT INCREASES YOUR FACE VALUE.:)

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Till matter what be contended for what you have and spread smiles.:)

3 day quote challenge#Day 2

Once again I would like to show my inner gratitude to Nina for nominating me for this quote challenge.


1.Thank the person that nominated you.

2.1-3 quotes for three consecutive days.

3.Nominate 3 other bloggers.

The category that I would like to choose today is-FORGIVENESS!

Quote 2″I am a human,I have seen my ups and down,getting vindictive is in my veins;

   I have evolved as the time has passed,I have learnt the value for another happy 

 heart,so I choose today to forgive the other one,for he shall forgive me.”-my valiant soul.

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3 day quote challenge#Day-1.

Hola,my fellow readers!Ok,so I have like for the first ever time been nominated for this 3 day quotes challenge. So basically all I am ready to do is that for the next 3 continuous days I will be posting 3 quotes each day which would be eventually displayed on your output device.


1.Thank the blogger who nominated you.

2.Post 1-3 quotes a day for 3 consecutive day.

3.Nominate 3 bloggers each day.

To start with I would like to thanks Nina- for passing on this beautiful deed of spreading a robust aura to our everyday mundane lives through the daily quote challange.She has an amazing page all about the positive felicity and the blissful lessons to learn from life.

The category for my today’s quote will be –BEAUTY!

Quote-1″We live in butterfly culture,we stay hidden most of our lives,and only pretend to be beautiful when someone is watching.”

I have seen people getting spurious and hypocrites,adoring their own self for others as if their personality needs the opinion of others who themselves will again act in arms of hoax!

Quote-2″For beautiful eyes-look for the good in others,for beautiful lips,speak only words of kindness;and for the poise,walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.”-AUDREY HEPBURN.

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Quote-3″She wore the bright red lipstick to cheer her dark soul,the jet-black coal liner to glorify the shattered sparkle of her eyes and  the perfect red fitted dress to hug the intense loneliness that her body felt..and the world thought she was not alone!”-MY VALIANT SOUL.

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