It’s the Doomsday.

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Today is the day when I feel the doomsday

clotting my blood

palpitating my heart.

The rumbling of emotions too hard to handle

The sorrow shall blow the flickering candle,

The enigma bloats the conscious,

like the unkindled romance,

or never met the loving couple

the luminous soul bleeds,

yearning stoutness.

The eyes for this day

don’t glitter,

for it’s the doomsday.

Hopes In Heart.

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With the roses in mind,

hopes in heart

I walked down

in the euphoria of Twilight stars

You stood there,

my gargantuan soul

twirling my black curls,

As you patted my hair,

You kissed the left out corners of my heart,

Healed it,

Nurturing it,

Making the pains disperse,

in the forbidden time.


My pillow talks.

The marks of water still exists from the last night on my white sheet pillow,

That pillow heard me struggling last night,it watched everything quietly,absorbed brilliantly!

Now,as I watch that sheet,it reckons the grappling that existed between my body and the pillow,mouth faced towards it,screams,shouts lost in infinite transparent moment.



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The exotic mind that you loved,the charm of my heart that you carried;

shall be in the oblivion sky,someday,

lost like scattered clouds;

The naivety of my soul,the pureness of my child-like laughter;

shall be hidden,somewhere in the dark rocks;

so deep and exceptional;

that it will become untraceable to find the original carvings of my caricature.

The Black Quandary

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The black curls, oh the resemblance to the night

clings to her forehead, distraught,

like the spider’s web shambled,

crooked,   rubbing the forehead like the harsh waters 

rubbing the grey stone, by the riverside.

Polishing it maybe, intriguing,

forlorn tales hit back, yet again

saying the clandestine, monotonous, words,

one by one, the whole nine yards.

Magic, Stealth, vigour, 

anonymous all the emotions,

wrapped in the grey blanket

to  the body to cover the bitter marks,

The black curls, congruence to the pain,

symmetrical to the thorns,

playing angles, all the way

Oh, these black curls falls the way

it did that day.

Conundrum, play.





Hola lovely people of WordPress!

So, how you all have been?How’s everything, career, life goals?Plannings, if any?What’s new or what’s new that has been revamped only a bit?Anyway, you got the point.I have been keeping a bit off from WP lately, of course, due to life goals , but I knew something crucial was missing from my inner corner.Like a blank piece, perhaps and not to my surprise I knew the reason was me not blogging enough.

So, thought  I would say a big hi to you all once again.Wish you all a great day ahead.

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Love you,Poetry.

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Talk mystery to me.Take me into the depth of the pool of consequential thoughts.

No lies I must say.Only the veracity of you and me, with the bottle of wine along with my side, shall enjoy.

You are my goddess, my mode to rescue,  to read your charm is to heighten my desires.

You are my the infinite love.My precious.My sea of meditation,

Scribble yourself all over myself, tattooing me to be like heroic. 

You never betray me, dazzle me with your charm, intriguing is your appearance,

You are my forever Poetry.