The~grey~ the~ Black.

Image result for grey and blackIf you create a circle around me, the voids should be flaccid

if the volcano erupts, the smoke should say the forlorn tales

the markings, the sayings

the screech, the thunder-clap

my tattoos, my caricature

covered in the stack  of grey thoughts

so I love black.

as the concrete foundation

as the depth of

the fountains of black orchids

the museums of grey art

the circulation of  flaccid grey murmurings

Numb eyes, melodious clandestine truths

the mystery takes control disguised as the black lady.

So I love to forming circles in the grizzled blur.

the known, the unknown

the grey, the black.


the sliced part of the moon served

on my platter.



The Black Quandary

Image result for the curls painting

The black curls, oh the resemblance to the night

clings to her forehead, distraught,

like the spider’s web shambled,

crooked,   rubbing the forehead like the harsh waters 

rubbing the grey stone, by the riverside.

Polishing it maybe, intriguing,

forlorn tales hit back, yet again

saying the clandestine, monotonous, words,

one by one, the whole nine yards.

Magic, Stealth, vigour, 

anonymous all the emotions,

wrapped in the grey blanket

to  the body to cover the bitter marks,

The black curls, congruence to the pain,

symmetrical to the thorns,

playing angles, all the way

Oh, these black curls falls the way

it did that day.

Conundrum, play.
’s Blank?..

Image result for blank life

The bottom and the rim of my heart is blank,

no tides or waves..

not even monsoon peeps the heart,

the conjectures doesn’t smell fresh,

name it stale,

name it hideous,

nothing alluring,

like it’s all plain,

and black.

The high spirits,still linger,

through the dark holes,

through the black lines,

only to know,

will the blankness still persist more.