The smoke..

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The heaviness of this unconsious mind,how uncertain and unreal,it seems.It feels as if my limits are expanding,extolling in the zenith of mesmerizing thousand thoughts.You,my dear life wish to stop me from spreading in the minds of scanty ones?Try my power,try my will..the smoke in me shall speak its chill,for my heart is valiant,my intentions are bubblegum sweet,you want to capture me?”No”,to which my smile speaks.

I am the smoke,in me,if you want to capture my bliss,I ponder on that as my will is as free as a bird,yet I live with my head held high.Tough it sounds?Then take my word,for you life, are only a hand and not the ashes or the smoke.I am the power,the colossal resolute spark with the spirit still untested…patience undefined!

You may entwine me in your web,but the aftermath is beyond your expectations to taste, as I am a warrior and a queen of my fragile thoughts,you can never beat me as I may have befuddled you too in ways uncountable.


Ashes and Grace.

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Querulous breath I inhale,vapid thoughts then exhale;

Feckless remains the soul,

There must be something invigorating about the ashes of human,or else why so much reverence prevails?

I wonder what my ashes will speak;

The suaveness of my persona;

or the ultimate hidden spots?

I search with all my remaining passion for the lost piquant spirits I hugged once;

for ashes are grace they say;

Deep daring  my heart has perhaps,for ashes are my thoughts now.


Vague Dreams.

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Sometimes the world isn’t beaming,sometimes the lines aren’t straight;

The insipid chills often give me utter debacle,speaking the veracious disharmony;

My mind wanders for the unexpected oblivion,in return I am bestowed with uncongenial thorns;

The paints never suits my body,black and white  remains in my soul;

Discordant with the truth,it’s hard to decide the merry of life,Should I choose fire or should I run with water?

The crumbling walls of humanity leave me bamboozled,often there are realities that disagree with my dismal mind;

All this remains in my mind..perhaps as my vague dreams that never fails to shatter my conscious flowy dreams.



Still the same.

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The connotation of love changed between us,still the same is your touch;

The burning hopes ended rapidly,the joyful laughter is still the same in my dreams;

Haywire has been the journey,topsy-turvy the depth,the thing that still entices me,

is when you call me your ANGEL,still.

 Unfinished remains our destination ,unfinished is the love..lets hold hands together for the kindle beliefs are still the same.

The dilemma of Happiness.

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I woke up once again,in the bright prosperous ray of hope today,I extended my arms and opened the window;

Then I smiled,and drifted the curtains apart..I saw a flock of birds chirping as they wished to speak “good morning” to me in the most entrancing manner;

I made tea for myself yet again,and pampered in the most gorgeous way,I smiled and cherished the fresh breeze that swayed my hair in the flawless way;

By the end of the day,my smile vanished once again..the happiness questioned my inner self incessantly..I knew by this time,the pretend was my dilemma..perhaps it was my state of furore.

Together with Peace.

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Lost is my childhood laughter,when I never worried of this disaster;

So much fun prevailed and the blessings remain uncountable;

What happened now,the stars only merry my charm and the moon increases my glam;

Bruised up is my heart,and gazing the gargantuan sky feels the reason of mirth;

I collect my heart altogether and walk million miles,to find that lost solace or perhaps the lost glimmer of my eyes;

It amazes me now,why the nature makes people jocund?Why the fresh morning dew increases the rush of the blood..?

For the lost humanity seems inexplicable on earth,and my hand is held by that lost peace together..somewhere..forever..


Obvious Smiles..

"Lovers" - Joseph Lorusso (b. 1966), oil on panel {figurative #impressionist art happy couple orange portrait painting} <3 Loving !!
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Take my hand and carry me to that prepossessing view,

where a child shall smile and disharmony dies,then we can open our hands and beam our souls to the nature,smashing,flickering..

So much we went through,still we made it,lets declare the supremacy to the skies,so hold my waist and echo the satisfaction,

Pain and misery kicked us though,we still carry on to paint each one’s let’s dance for the joy and celebrate our stay.

Isn’t it obvious the nature exhilarates our dedication?Wait and you shall also see, the raindrops welcoming your way.. adorned with spark of rainbow.


Beauty in ignorance.

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The sultry blanket,the hot air made this thin unfamiliar layer so heavy..I walk with same charisma,vigour in my eyes and heart blooming flowers.

My life is just like sand,people surround me with all the dust..dust in my eyes ..dust in my charm.Turbulence prevails,and yet I walk ahead.

Living to full and maintaining my enticement is what I bear,my mind is sometimes lost and sometimes in my palm,I wonder the lessons yet again never refuse to welcome new ones.

Give me gratitude,I shall take it..give me solitude I shall flourish it as my beauty will hug me within and I long nothingelse.To the state of furore my mind goes sometimes still the colour of sky blandishes it with its zeal.

I will be that pearl in the swamp of dirt,like a glittery star my thoughts will shine,I will walk and walk..learn the untold make my life a constant living mirth.

Learning the phases of life seems another joy perhaps sometimes a cry,to carry the captivation is I enjoy,my actions will echo the sky.As I walk,I lit my bliss I learn to move forward ,move forward to learn and live.


Beautiful or dreamy?

Indian child bride.:

How perfectly the white dots are joined on my face starting from my forehead and extending to my cheeks,I am sure you shall enjoy it and call me by all glorious names.Do you know my age even?Not 12 or 14..I am just 10.At my home,there were times when I saw my mother vigorously doing the household errands and so as I loved her,I started to help her..little did I know,she would think I am ready to carry my duties for another boy.My love for my mother turned into my nightmare,so here I am,burning in my own fears.Decorated as a statue,my heart skips fire rather than a eyes see a row of miseries rather than a bliss.The heaviness in my eyes are the epitome of chaos,destruction which my dear ones fail to perceive.My lips refuse to smile as my dreams got a setback.The clamouring still persists within my soul..the fire still exists but I shall not be a weakling.The thunder of my dreams..the glory of my eyes shall not end with this as I will choose a different I am proclaiming my freedom..that is indeed wisdom.The human race is maybe artful hoping to make me even sly,to which I refuse now.My eyes won’t see the pain as I am the innocuous deeds are as pious as the morning dew sitting on the flower of our backyard.I know,I shall be called by various names,but let the imbecile minds make their decision as I have made journey is towards my little home.


Correct Me?!

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If you open your eyes you will see nothing,if you open mine you see a mirror reflecting the inner will probably say how imprudent that scene is,half seen half empty.

I have captured the thoughts from my past,I hold it in my palms and as I see my new self,I decide it to smash it with the mirror,now it’s gone..future calls and I am a sculptured soul so I remain obsessed with my new self.

Constant thinking gave me the power to be a beatific flower,so I shall continue my obsession with my perfect desire in the end as my soul only matter.