To that Luminary.

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Grey-like dust formed,

surrounded with harsh apprehension,

He stood tall,  like the tallest statue ever,

where the sycophants lurked under his mammoth shadow,

He knew it all, grabbed the existence minutely.He was the light bearer, the code -giver, a thought to the ignorant;

voice loud and eccentric adding stars to his stoic caricature.

He toiled when it rained

rubbed his worries, folded them back in his pocket only to give flowers made of paper;

such was his girth, I knew the tremors his foot felt,

while walking towards the right reason.

He bathed in pain, often,  fastened his mishaps,

Like the shimmering stars, the glow of the moon,

was his flickering smile.


Not to loose hope.

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Call it my writer’s block or anything,the truth is I haven’t been writing at all.After I self published my book”The travesty of soul”I couldn’t stop expecting much from it,even though I know it takes time for the budding authors specially,yet my tendency since always has been to take all the fruits in my own basket specially if I worked hard for it.

I’m pretty sure,everyone has their own hope,courage stories and at times I used to sit and think yeah,we need to inculcate all that courage in ourselves,but the harsh truth’s not that damn easy.It’s not easy to please everybody,neither it’s easy to keep balancing our all hectic schedule or lives.It really needs a lot of dedication to manage each and every small bit that even we try to do.

And as they say,amazing times shall kiss you,if not today then definitely tomorrow.We need to buckle up,learn from our mistakes and prepare ourselves for a much ravishing tomorrow,for tomorrow has never happened before.

We need to have hope..I need to have hope.!

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Image result for hope wallpaper

Image result for hope wallpaper