Come,count the ways.

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You ask how my body smells of you?You ask how I breathe for you?The atlas of my body shall show you the destinations.It shall reveal all the vulnerable points of my body,like summer meeting its cool breeze or love kindling in the most rawest form,wild and free.

Come,I shall count the ways,I fancy you,like the brightest moon sparkling the dark skies,making the sky worth a glance.Like the infinite kiss one could imagine,with equations equal to exemplary delicacy.Like the ways,it shall be divine with you in mind and your thoughts wild awake in soul.So fresh and dewy you are,come count the ways front and back.

I shall take you to the fragments of my mind,then visit you in my intoxicated mind that hold the pictures of you,all intensified to the core,with colors of your love,red being the prominent one.The splash of colors remind me,your impeccable horizons,I crave.You exist in my veins,come peek into my blood,for it shall proclaim your love,for it shall declare my utmost desires,the unheard prayers of my fragile soul.Come once again,I shall show you the mirror of my heart,you shall know that it is all you,for you.



My Sweet Home.

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Oh!how I used to wait for my love,with a bottle of wine and bunch of red roses;

The thought of togetherness,my only mode of rescue,your peace of mind;

All my troubles vanished,once my heart kissed your heart,oh!how beautiful heaven clicked my mind;

Tears became tiny pearl like droplets,tattered lips blossomed like rose;

Once you entered,magic occurred,tempting is your arms..oh so strong!

I ran swiftly to your charm,as you opened your arm;

My mind would go haywire just to hug you with fire;

You became my man,my only dream..and now you are my undying vigorous home;

A place where rumbling of our love could be heard each day even by the zenith sky.



Vague Dreams.

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Sometimes the world isn’t beaming,sometimes the lines aren’t straight;

The insipid chills often give me utter debacle,speaking the veracious disharmony;

My mind wanders for the unexpected oblivion,in return I am bestowed with uncongenial thorns;

The paints never suits my body,black and white  remains in my soul;

Discordant with the truth,it’s hard to decide the merry of life,Should I choose fire or should I run with water?

The crumbling walls of humanity leave me bamboozled,often there are realities that disagree with my dismal mind;

All this remains in my mind..perhaps as my vague dreams that never fails to shatter my conscious flowy dreams.



Beautiful or dreamy?

Indian child bride.:

How perfectly the white dots are joined on my face starting from my forehead and extending to my cheeks,I am sure you shall enjoy it and call me by all glorious names.Do you know my age even?Not 12 or 14..I am just 10.At my home,there were times when I saw my mother vigorously doing the household errands and so as I loved her,I started to help her..little did I know,she would think I am ready to carry my duties for another boy.My love for my mother turned into my nightmare,so here I am,burning in my own fears.Decorated as a statue,my heart skips fire rather than a eyes see a row of miseries rather than a bliss.The heaviness in my eyes are the epitome of chaos,destruction which my dear ones fail to perceive.My lips refuse to smile as my dreams got a setback.The clamouring still persists within my soul..the fire still exists but I shall not be a weakling.The thunder of my dreams..the glory of my eyes shall not end with this as I will choose a different I am proclaiming my freedom..that is indeed wisdom.The human race is maybe artful hoping to make me even sly,to which I refuse now.My eyes won’t see the pain as I am the innocuous deeds are as pious as the morning dew sitting on the flower of our backyard.I know,I shall be called by various names,but let the imbecile minds make their decision as I have made journey is towards my little home.



There is something surreal about my those nights when the state of mind drifts from my body,vapid thoughts on fire,thunderbolt then flies higher.Those nights vocalize the illusions of my mind and gives me a surreptitious good night kiss as I cover my face in deep slumber,what enchants me more is the thrill I get before my nights call me in,unaware of the rawness of the dreams I would have again or the world I would enter in,vanishing my soul seems.Sometimes the journey is venturesome while sometimes a mundane ritual follow,still there is a deep craving that asks me each day about my last night to which my face speaks all the next morning.True they say,dreams keep you awake, if not that..why I still defeat the rapacious desires?

Each night..midnight tells my subconscious mind what different talks got imbued in me distinctively and what held me all unwavering.I come to know this way the inner mirth I
have or the hollowness if prevails and that is the beauty my dreams possess.Indelible my future remains,no soothsayer or my cosmos enjoy the power of my want,something remains unwritten in our journal by those stars or the gargantuan sky,but I have the power to lie down on my cozy bed and close my eyes..for it is 10:30 p.m by the clock…time to get vanish in my own spark.

Sometimes,I wish..

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I do not wish to be there standing in the vast crowd sometimes,I feel to intake only the pure oxygen..not willing to judge people or pass comments to other’s,I do not wish to take control of someone’s life and decisions either,I am uncertain as to what do I actually wish for?But something tells me today..I wish to have all my past life back in my hands,I know we all should move ahead with new constructive hot dreams and eloquent will power..but can’t I wish to step back for once?Cant I just for an hour go back to the terrace of my house and wish all oblivion stuff for my future once again whilst gazing the moonlight and shimmering stars?Days do not remain constant neither do people,everything begins according to us but sometimes the end is not what we actually aimed for.We get hurt,broken,bruised in the process of evolution as a colossal human,but even giant mountains and rivers lose their vitality in the process of anew discovery that may come in future.Sometimes,I wish to step back,be a child and remain nonchalant and I am not penitent of it.I know,beautiful things may be waiting for me tomorrow but somehow at this moment I do not feel strong enough to think beyond this horizon,I can see a row of ravishing flowers in my future,that is me being optimistic now let’s be realistic for a moment..what about my current heartbeat’s pace?What about the emotions that gushes my blood sometimes swiftly  and sometimes at turtle’s pace?I still remain ignorant as to what my future holds for me?I may be insecure today..insecure about the people I have..insecure about things I may lose and the list goes one and so I wish remain that untrained child that I was as it was the best thing that happened to me and maybe to all of you?

Sometimes..I just wish..