Hopes In Heart.

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With the roses in mind,

hopes in heart

I walked down

in the euphoria of Twilight stars

You stood there,

my gargantuan soul

twirling my black curls,

As you patted my hair,

You kissed the left out corners of my heart,

Healed it,

Nurturing it,

Making the pains disperse,

in the forbidden time.


With a pinch of faith.

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Hush you grey clouds,

today the waters shall abate,

like a thunder you say,vapid butterflies

shall fly away

free from the earth

somewhere they make merry

Hush you insensate emotions

my sweet canvass awaits for me

with some bubbles of faith,

and some roses of hope

I shall re-colour you grey cloud,

with the deepest of pure tremor.


Eternal Daydream

I desire to kiss the sunshine close from my heart,

enough with the obnoxious smiles,shallow I have been,

To  kindle the mirth of dewdrops,is what I see;

To sink my heart in the pure,weightless air,

to flatter my heart with the precious things,

my  aim lies simple..my life seems simple,

all I need is the eternal  benign hope from within.


The lust in me won’t end up for travelling just like that.The conjecture of dreams turning into reality by gaining through commendable experiences is one big toast of success to our souls.

That’s my desire for travel.

Image result for beautiful places

Image result for beautiful places

Extremely intriguing are the pictures.Don’t you all agree?It could be so great all that we have to do is wander..wander for our new experience,good or bad..wander for the memories,not the selfie moments but the mind saving memories.My mind will be at so much peace,maybe practice Buddhism!Who knows?

Then comes the moment of love.Loving ourselves,loving the nostalgia of scenic beauty…and for sure the love for our dear ones.Respect them,love them whole-heartedly,be with them..enjoy the little things.

Do let me know,what all you perceive from travelling!

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Unshattered faith.


Moon maiden:

People often say the horrendous things to my heart,unknowing may be feelings blossom in my skin,they cut me in halves and merry about it later;

But I shall not stop to be the gracious girl I dream,let me unravel the mysteries my heart bears on my own,my guts speak fire and I shall aim higher;

The innocuous heart rambles about the simplicity,yet my mind conquers the world with all the ethnicity,I have to climb the highest of the peaks;

Doubt me,wound me, but I shall not stop,the hope is my home and my faith a sparkling charm,so test my soul the best you can,but I shall flourish harder.

The fathom of my persona will be untied and all that shall exist will be the true colors of my unshaken faith.