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The great Rise.

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I got rust all over my naked body,with all the hatred people gave me,wounds made their way in my soul, throughout my entire palpitating heartbeat.

For all these years I took your abhorrent word,my stars really never stopped flickering for me;

I am raw,I am the foundation,society said the heinous words in the times of profound acquaintance,

You polish my soul more and more,make me shine like a diamond-ring,

Rub me harder with your obnoxious ways,and I shall rise in the most splendid way.


Above the earth,below the sky.


Just got back from Acadia National Park where I believe I saw the clearest skies I've come across in all my travels. {OC} (1540x2048):
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There is a spark that holds me still,a magnanimous soul that keeps my calm,

above the earth,below the sky;

I don’t know the complete veracity,I am unaware of my future nature;

above the earth,below the sky;

I walk a million milestones,sometimes tired,sometimes vexed,and I walk,

above the earth,below the sky;

The power I see,the insistent kiss of the wind I feel,is so intriguing,

above the earth,below the sky;

What holds me so sturdy,the question gently pounds my heart;

above the earth below the sky;

only as I stop to lift the veil,I found the fire is within me,that kept me walking;

without a pause,

I learnt the truth,

above the earth,


below the sky.