Hopes In Heart.

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With the roses in mind,

hopes in heart

I walked down

in the euphoria of Twilight stars

You stood there,

my gargantuan soul

twirling my black curls,

As you patted my hair,

You kissed the left out corners of my heart,

Healed it,

Nurturing it,

Making the pains disperse,

in the forbidden time.


What we create together.

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Sweats from our touch is like the seraphic music,

you hear it and take it all in,like the holy waters.

This thumping of my heart against your chest,gives

the shakes to the neighbours.My eyelid is heavy,

my lipstick is off,you nibbled my fears,anxiety.

Like the mist,I got into you..you will to discover me,

see the reflection,then come and pat your heart,

I reside in there,open the knots,

the ties,

see the caricature in you,

The subsistence will grow harder,like parasite.

The quench will remain rapacious.

The thunder will rock our hearts,altogether,


Creating paradises to follow,

creating connotations of unfathomable desire.

I will soak into you,

bit by bit,

the level shall rise,over-rated it may be,

The smell of your chest gives the chill like the moon and the sun,

you make me,create me,

Like musical chords,

I hear you.

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Sweet Meadows.

Related imageHand in hand,we exchange our breaths;

with tenderness in soul as intimacy controls;

the bubbles of warmth,the clouds of love;

The thrilling sites,with pride inside;

As we walk the sweet meadow.

The smiles thrive, in the exquisite miles;

Your touch I paint in my veins,

as we walk in the sweet meadow.


If it ends..

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The journey is blooming day by day,with that touch of love, your vivacity,

you thrill me like that summer breeze.

you held me so firmly,like a mother rocking her baby,

if it ends,I shall be a catastrophic truth,

no one shall read me,no one shall see me,

for the startling truths even have a mystery.

Dedicated to the love of my life..You are in my veins.Thankyou for everything!

Invincible Forever.

Related imageTogether,we shall kiss the memory of grinning thoughts,

with you and me in it,

Don’t quit on me,for I romance with your images,

concealed clandestine,

in my heart.

Off the shore we shall go,and then I shall enunciate the butterflies you gave,

so hold on my love,for my heart needs enough of your sacred touch,

to make me instill with your pouring love,


No complains.

I remember vividly,how the entire world was in my lap’s as you pronounced your love for me.The zenith of the mountains felt attainable at once and my adrenaline was high.I took your ring and accepted your kiss,in fact I innocently kissed you back just to proclaim my heart is quintessentially yours in a sturdy way,all safe.And it was all protected as expected.After all these years,I’ve nagged a lot about our bond,perhaps your talks were not aligned with my thoughts or your way of expressing got questionable and I thought my relation with you is not impeccable.

At this juncture,I deny all my claims.You are my interior half,or the divine monsoon that still blooms my heart after all the dryness.You still are the same charm who makes everything fall right in the place without even being imperious about it.Watching all the glimmering stars at night appears a bliss to my this heart.Even after all the shades of darkness I have gone though,you were my constant..never complained of my heart as you knew your other half can never be wrong.

We have grown together,been together,watched all the colours of our life whether precious or mundane all together.Still we hate a couple of things about each another yet we don’t complain.I see you as my sole protector,the foundation that made me constructive.You shared your beautiful ideas to enhance my instinct,how you calmed my nerves even seeing me at my worst is the best of all.Yes we are a team,for my composure for you is like the soothing balm as you essayed.Yes,we’ve troubles and the most violent fights,but we never give up on each another,for I trust my decision of choosing a veracious soul like yours.

We cuddle like the cutest pair of animals or even get wild like the wild breeze that shakes all the green fields proclaiming its dominance.We’re  a fire,a spark when the world curbs our dream.We have each other,no judgements matter,no complaints we persist for we are forever.

P.S -Dedicated to my love.