After the rain.

Sitting near my white window,thoughts scuffle in my trivial oblivion,

How the last night rains have cleaned the mess that clung these roads,

how the tiny pearl like droplets have given a new spark to the view,

Can the troublesome worries of mankind be taken away with the same corollary too?

The dry spells had made my place so mundane,vexation remained,again and again!

I heard the heart beat of the fragile bird,yearning water,desiring shelter,

now that it rained,full of vim and vigour,all the chaos has been withered,

vitality restored,wholesome souls!After the rain, yes,miracles happened,

anomalous my mind is still,did the outpouring proved anything to the human will?

I now see how bewitching,the scenario is around, with all the dirt gone,

In anguish I desire what about the human souls on fire?

The rains have somehow twirled and spun the aftermath bought,anxious I remain!