The remains of my Heart.

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By the time I am perfect,I shall be in pieces bifurcated in millions of skin;

And then my remains will be imperfect for you,for my divisions will not be in accordance of your mundane expectations;

The thoughts have started already to torment me in the hatred I have for my presence.

The shimmer seems vanishing now,in the lost desire for solace.

Still the same.

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The connotation of love changed between us,still the same is your touch;

The burning hopes ended rapidly,the joyful laughter is still the same in my dreams;

Haywire has been the journey,topsy-turvy the depth,the thing that still entices me,

is when you call me your ANGEL,still.

 Unfinished remains our destination ,unfinished is the love..lets hold hands together for the kindle beliefs are still the same.

Perpetual Cravings.


My intoxication shall remain inseparable,my cravings shall never be calmed;

The emptiness this heart feels can never be uplifted by any other charm.

The heart sighs heavily in the monotonous nights,the shallowness my body feels is next to pale chills.

Still,I breathe in the magical land you gave me.


A Part of me.

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Hold my hands and kiss my neck,take a deep breath and sing your heart to mine;

Kiss my wounds with your immaculate mind,play the strings of your heart and caress my mind;

Then unwind my miseries and blow my chaos away,come and untangle the worldly mess;

Take me to your laps and say your melancholy to my soul,for I shall open your entwined sorrows;

Kiss my forehead like the morning sunshine and declare your passion blatantly to my fragile soul..make it flourish like the moon.

So,join my misery as I kiss your worry..for I am nothing but a part of thy music,that jingles and mingles even in the heart of weakest.



The moment I felt sunshine..

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Last night was peppy in the mesmerizing arms of yours,you vanished my demons like the blossoming flower;

Oh!how you slipped your love into my heart and caress my body with the eternal clouds of hope and faith;

After the thunder I realised the charm a morning holds that is so tranquil and juvenile,

Your touch extinguished the pain I held in the most prepossessing way,the noises in my head are now comforted;

The turbulence is now comforted,the bed tea seems a beatific dream in the stars shown by you;

Last night you landed me to the moon,held me tightly and moved me carefully,the aftermath is the smiles and flowers with a pinch of sunshine.


The unloved heart.

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Aberrant in your love,I walked a thousand miles,abstruse my love, you found?

All the bewitching spark I held for you,I bought all together,wore the jewellery piece you treasured once;

In acquiesce all your words I carried,not complaining,begged you to embrace me,this world already hated me;

So I walked to get shattered in your love,my cravings undefined,hopeful I remained;

A blatant touch, covetous you say,Indeed I breathe benign ,like the stars romancing with the moon;

Imbecile I remain now to learn your emotions,truth to be revealed,a stone-like gut hit my heart;

Biddle you spoke your word to me,I learned the never longed for me.