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With a pinch of faith.

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Hush you grey clouds,

today the waters shall abate,

like a thunder you say,vapid butterflies

shall fly away

free from the earth

somewhere they make merry

Hush you insensate emotions

my sweet canvass awaits for me

with some bubbles of faith,

and some roses of hope

I shall re-colour you grey cloud,

with the deepest of pure tremor.


Waves and sunshine.

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How obnoxious our minds get at times,when our stomach aches nothing but pain,how crucial life gets to see a turbulence in our entire mind.Emotions get wrapped up as a package of miseries,unspoken hate and more worries.Those time takes us back to square one,where the roads once were bruised just like our heart.The soreness bites our little grinning thoughts that might have appeared through our smile,yes,it happens.

What do we do next?

There have been desolations since centuries after bloodshed,wars and this time the havoc comes when the peace in our heart is blacked out just like the charcoal.The brutality of times can never be said,there shall come,kill your innocuous soul and move on,it’s us who needs to erase the past,the past of hatred…the past of scratches,for there comes a beaming sunshine and a splendid view that shall scintillate our heartbeat and give us that bounce and once stolen thunder.

And my dear,that beam is still in you so sparkle more and unravel your solitude once again.

Not to loose hope.

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Call it my writer’s block or anything,the truth is I haven’t been writing at all.After I self published my book”The travesty of soul”I couldn’t stop expecting much from it,even though I know it takes time for the budding authors specially,yet my tendency since always has been to take all the fruits in my own basket specially if I worked hard for it.

I’m pretty sure,everyone has their own hope,courage stories and at times I used to sit and think yeah,we need to inculcate all that courage in ourselves,but the harsh truth is..it’s not that damn easy.It’s not easy to please everybody,neither it’s easy to keep balancing our all hectic schedule or lives.It really needs a lot of dedication to manage each and every small bit that even we try to do.

And as they say,amazing times shall kiss you,if not today then definitely tomorrow.We need to buckle up,learn from our mistakes and prepare ourselves for a much ravishing tomorrow,for tomorrow has never happened before.

We need to have hope..I need to have hope.!

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Image result for hope wallpaper

Image result for hope wallpaper

Eternal Daydream

I desire to kiss the sunshine close from my heart,

enough with the obnoxious smiles,shallow I have been,

To  kindle the mirth of dewdrops,is what I see;

To sink my heart in the pure,weightless air,

to flatter my heart with the precious things,

my  aim lies simple..my life seems simple,

all I need is the eternal  benign hope from within.

All I ask..

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Sitting alone,murmuring to my own self,

loneliness floating in my downcast eye,

I want a soul to listen how my heart beats,

dreary world has made me gruesome,no love today to be found,

happiness gone,conscious wrong,sullen body,dead already;

Once jolly now at folly,shallowness is my inhabitant as I see;

Expectations I get,am I bad?constant twirling exists within;

All I ask,don’t know what?clear as sky it can be seen!

come close to me,electrify the charm more in me,

promise,I am indeed the one you want,treasures I have,okay, nurture it now;

then see,the bubbles I shall produce,rainbow,roses,I shall give,so stimulate my senses;

Thrill me more,revive my soul,adore my eyes then repeat the steps again,

Live inside me for now,just once,exhilarate my desires to the horizon.

That is all I ask..


Still the same.

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The connotation of love changed between us,still the same is your touch;

The burning hopes ended rapidly,the joyful laughter is still the same in my dreams;

Haywire has been the journey,topsy-turvy the depth,the thing that still entices me,

is when you call me your ANGEL,still.

 Unfinished remains our destination ,unfinished is the love..lets hold hands together for the kindle beliefs are still the same.

Unshattered faith.


Moon maiden:

People often say the horrendous things to my heart,unknowing may be feelings blossom in my skin,they cut me in halves and merry about it later;

But I shall not stop to be the gracious girl I dream,let me unravel the mysteries my heart bears on my own,my guts speak fire and I shall aim higher;

The innocuous heart rambles about the simplicity,yet my mind conquers the world with all the ethnicity,I have to climb the highest of the peaks;

Doubt me,wound me, but I shall not stop,the hope is my home and my faith a sparkling charm,so test my soul the best you can,but I shall flourish harder.

The fathom of my persona will be untied and all that shall exist will be the true colors of my unshaken faith.