Your part of Lie.

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There are moments,when your heart stops responding.Moments when you hate the mere faces you see around,specially the masked one.The feeling is intense when the emotions you have finds no partner for love-making,or to be heard.Like a twig that falls from a tree but nobody cared enough or picked it up,healed it.That twig is all stale and just lying nearby its parent tree..Yes it actually happens.

I feel it.Like things choking and not coming back to me.Suffocating it might be.For sure it is profound.

I question my existence is a reality or a myth for my thoughts seem myths to other.So what better I become now?A myth yet again?Perplexing conjecture become the hard,raw truth at see it and don’t want to accept it… yet you know,there it is..your part of lie.Sore and naked.


What shall stay?

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If it is soil,I can hold it till that moment,untill it falls completely out of my hand,leaving my palm empty-handed..for I know that soil shall make it way out.The remains shall be dirt,filth and some stubborn marks on my hand.So,is life to us,whatever we choose to hold,it may go..vanishing into oblivion,like never ever was reality a bliss.That hurts.

If something vital just misplace,the pain is excruciating,indelible.If we,hypothetically catch starts into our palms,would that too go?So what shall stay?Who shall stay?

So many countless nights,I pondered to reckon the truth,to gulp the veracity,no-one matters after the life is yours.The life shall be your way of dealing.No one shall soothe your worris?They do only for couple of days or hours,but does it makes you ultimate happy?

We need to identify the composed,intact version of ourselves,I guess..for our own soul can never leave us unlike the soil or stars untill it’s time for us to take a last breath.Sigh!


What remains?

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The intensity of the depth of waters is perhaps like reflection of our own self.You touch the waters,it forbids to be still and so eloquently it moves..the random small bubbles formed are like the emotions entrapped in our body or heart.If someone touches it nonchalantly,the emotions never fail to hurt us in the perfect manner.After the touch is gone,the stillness returns..but is it the same like before?

If we go deep in the darkness of any substance,question that enthrall my mind is after all the turbulence,actually what remains?Is it the tragedy that happened or the aftermath that has resulted in further numbness?The people or stilness?What remains?If it’s the deep stains of wounds,perhaps how you still survive?So if that makes you a warrior,what further remains?

Dig deeper and deeper,I somehow believe something more substantial yet unknown to the humanity prevails,if once found maybe that could enhance the enchanting truths of heart and life.


Romance with my Pen.

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As my pen writes,new emotions opens up,sometimes sad and sometimes jovial.The ink is like my blood that flows in me,for that is the most precious gem that keeps my mind going.The blank sheet is like my life,in which I decide to write the uncountable chapters of mirth or even cry.I shatter at times and become warrior at times,the words are my home that clings my mind within so deep and intact.The flow of my thoughts flow seamlessly on that paper,as the darkest of my pain reveals in that sheet.It is wonderous to know how that soothes my heart,perhaps my pen says the strongest of my dark shades.

The bliss of my heart flourishes and ravish flawlessly on that paper,the ink bleeds and bleeds.. like the flow of vigorous river.The turmoil at times degrades my solace,yet my pen resonates that impeccably the time I write.My numbness finds it peace as I draft it on that paper like the uncountable stars present in the sky.When I hold thy pen,it kisses my breath and instills me with faith..tells me untold mystic secrets and mollify the unbearable pain,the charm of writing carries me to unsaid period of consolation.

The voice within me muddles my mind and questions my soul so I make romance with my writing to calm me down soothe my bones for the upcoming days shall again whither my heart making it dull and insipid.

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Together with Peace.

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Lost is my childhood laughter,when I never worried of this disaster;

So much fun prevailed and the blessings remain uncountable;

What happened now,the stars only merry my charm and the moon increases my glam;

Bruised up is my heart,and gazing the gargantuan sky feels the reason of mirth;

I collect my heart altogether and walk million miles,to find that lost solace or perhaps the lost glimmer of my eyes;

It amazes me now,why the nature makes people jocund?Why the fresh morning dew increases the rush of the blood..?

For the lost humanity seems inexplicable on earth,and my hand is held by that lost peace together..somewhere..forever..


Emotions-Express them all.

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Hola,my valuable readers!

Why is it wrong to feel a little low often?Why is it wrong to feel bad when this world doesn’t seem all puerile?Are we always suppose to be happy and blissful?So many questions and still people will only boost you up when you get a li’l low,I know it’s good to support one another and be there for that one person,yet there are times when you simply want to close the door of your room and just lie down with your face downwards stuck to the pillow or maybe just with lights off,you want to listen the most saddest song you could possibly find on the music app.Each minute is it vital to be filled with the most amazing talks that people tell?Why can’t we accept that yes I am sad today,and I am okay with it!The reason I say so the next day you feel a lot alive and jovial,only because you have accepted all of your emotions.Only being happy and blissful won’t make you feel that happy so the thing is if you are extremely in pain or sad,just accept it and express it for a day,I feel it’s not wrong.You surely will unwind your worries gradually and be all merry in your dancing shoes,so go on..are you sad today?It’s fine!Are you happy today?It’s still fine!It’s true,that we don’t deserve to be unhappy even for a day,but tell me do you think you deserve all the perfections so as to not see the face of unhappy emotions?I personally don’t like if someone always keeps on cherishing me even if I just want to hit the sacks or perhaps would rave about being angry or sad for the day.

Share your views in the comment section below.Is it really important to wear the happy mask all that time?Can’t we welcome the sad emotions and still be okay just for a day?!


Correct Me?!

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If you open your eyes you will see nothing,if you open mine you see a mirror reflecting the inner will probably say how imprudent that scene is,half seen half empty.

I have captured the thoughts from my past,I hold it in my palms and as I see my new self,I decide it to smash it with the mirror,now it’s gone..future calls and I am a sculptured soul so I remain obsessed with my new self.

Constant thinking gave me the power to be a beatific flower,so I shall continue my obsession with my perfect desire in the end as my soul only matter.