Not to loose hope.

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Call it my writer’s block or anything,the truth is I haven’t been writing at all.After I self published my book”The travesty of soul”I couldn’t stop expecting much from it,even though I know it takes time for the budding authors specially,yet my tendency since always has been to take all the fruits in my own basket specially if I worked hard for it.

I’m pretty sure,everyone has their own hope,courage stories and at times I used to sit and think yeah,we need to inculcate all that courage in ourselves,but the harsh truth’s not that damn easy.It’s not easy to please everybody,neither it’s easy to keep balancing our all hectic schedule or lives.It really needs a lot of dedication to manage each and every small bit that even we try to do.

And as they say,amazing times shall kiss you,if not today then definitely tomorrow.We need to buckle up,learn from our mistakes and prepare ourselves for a much ravishing tomorrow,for tomorrow has never happened before.

We need to have hope..I need to have hope.!

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Image result for hope wallpaper

Image result for hope wallpaper

Eternal Daydream

I desire to kiss the sunshine close from my heart,

enough with the obnoxious smiles,shallow I have been,

To  kindle the mirth of dewdrops,is what I see;

To sink my heart in the pure,weightless air,

to flatter my heart with the precious things,

my  aim lies life seems simple,

all I need is the eternal  benign hope from within.


The lust in me won’t end up for travelling just like that.The conjecture of dreams turning into reality by gaining through commendable experiences is one big toast of success to our souls.

That’s my desire for travel.

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Image result for beautiful places

Extremely intriguing are the pictures.Don’t you all agree?It could be so great all that we have to do is wander..wander for our new experience,good or bad..wander for the memories,not the selfie moments but the mind saving memories.My mind will be at so much peace,maybe practice Buddhism!Who knows?

Then comes the moment of love.Loving ourselves,loving the nostalgia of scenic beauty…and for sure the love for our dear ones.Respect them,love them whole-heartedly,be with them..enjoy the little things.

Do let me know,what all you perceive from travelling!

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Above the earth,below the sky.


Just got back from Acadia National Park where I believe I saw the clearest skies I've come across in all my travels. {OC} (1540x2048):
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There is a spark that holds me still,a magnanimous soul that keeps my calm,

above the earth,below the sky;

I don’t know the complete veracity,I am unaware of my future nature;

above the earth,below the sky;

I walk a million milestones,sometimes tired,sometimes vexed,and I walk,

above the earth,below the sky;

The power I see,the insistent kiss of the wind I feel,is so intriguing,

above the earth,below the sky;

What holds me so sturdy,the question gently pounds my heart;

above the earth below the sky;

only as I stop to lift the veil,I found the fire is within me,that kept me walking;

without a pause,

I learnt the truth,

above the earth,


below the sky.


3 day quote challenge!

Wow!It feels like million of ages since I’ve spread the good charms of optimism around and so here I begin my journey once again.To start off I would like to show immense gratitude  to for providing me with beatific opportunity as I truly love the idea of quotes challenge.

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“I had made mistakes in the past,I surely will continue to make further,the best thing that still intact me is the fact I shall be still the same.”-MY VALIANT SOUL.

MY nominees-DAY 1




That’s all for now,Enjoy and have a great weekend!

And the odyssey continues..


Triumph in my heart exists,as I have discovered the profound rumbling of my jocular heart.The pieces if put together of my heart bit by bit..they speak the versatility of the mind I possess governing the emancipation of morbid thoughts I had once.So peculiar it sounds to hear the constant regular uneventful mind i had once is producing a verve of synchronization of my heart with my mind.Listen up my mind..aahhh,beautiful vibrant rainbow like thoughts,connecting me to melt into my own world ..the world which is covered with lush green sorroundings.The knock of my love has connected me to the charm i have.The petals of my heart are blossoming,demanding to be my tower of strength,so dulce and well lighted soul is the essence i possess,i own..i am the ultimate ship ready to sail with the wind,uninhibited i remain!