The colours of your Love..

"Your Presence ignites the fire in my soul & the passion in my body so exquisitely that I can feel my existence beyond dimensions & parameters. I know deep inside me that we will always be strong together & I will be with you forever." ~ Written by Aarti Khurana ♥♥ Beautiful Artwork ~ Artist Unknown:

Pick up the long brush and dip it into the red colour,then stroke my body with the same..dip it again in that heavy paint..colour my waist till the moonlit drops and the anew morning knocks the door.Take me in you,again and again..hold me hard so that my heartbeat stops,let me feel my oblivion as I breathe hard,now arrest me in your thoughts.The dimensions does not concludes at this level as I am still awake so take me back again there,make me free..make me wild.The touch of your hands on my back is like the strong fire that ignites my future wisdom,so show me your colour depth!Don’t stop thumping my mind..don’t stop making me wild.Hold your brush more tightly and colour my body once again.This zone where I have been has suffocated me since then, the brim of my love extinguished and got lost,so make them discover for the new delights all over my body,then we could luxuriate together.Take me to the wildest world,where our desires can could sparks and the nights shall be bright.Show me your colour..the deep passionate one,and fill me with that till I break.


Unshakeable lust..

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The bedroom still smells of you,my bedsheet lies wet still from the last night;

My neck has the marks of your roar adorned graciously;

The aroma is still of you,in my my senses.

So I crave the more of you,I crave the more of that bites.

The lust remains steadfast still,the bedsheet remains filthy still.


In bones and flesh..

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I resist in you,you are my bottle of favourite wine;

Your skin is my favourite paradise,for I wish to pray your body parts forever.

I’m the lioness,ready to gulp,ready to be a mess now.

I’m like the wild-fire that can be a bomb-like explosion,

something so strapping, that your body would devour me tonight;,

I’m wet in colours of your rainbow love,come tell me your strong desires for it.

Come,tear me,make me inadvertent with the hard flow of your bottle of lust,

Pour it all over the flow of river at night,soothing yet mysterious,

for I, live in bones and flesh.

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The night my Necklace broke..

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The petals of this rose are shaken,rigidly and vigorously;

Your lips kissed my soft corners,on repeat with a constant fierce essence of intoxication;

Astounding your blow of touch is,like the fresh rains;

The mirth my body feels is like the unshaken pile of rocks;

My body smells all of you,wrapped inside me, unimpaired,like the match of  wild souls.

My naval becomes more dominant with one perfect bite of yours;

And as you propel towards my neck,my body meet its oblivion joy;

With the vehement touch of yours,my necklace broke,with the shattered pearls all around;

on white bedsheet ,distinctive they look..depicting or flaming love,destroyed in you.


Just You.

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Like a candle I burn;

Like a bedsheet my mind folds;

The subtle longiness has extinguished,and a fire of lust has originated.

Come,kill my body;

make me moan,yes I will say your name;

Inflict your kiss onto my naval,then repeat the steps till I am unconscious;

Cuddle me tomorrow,kiss me today,for my body aches your touch this day.

So,breathe on me and give me all of you,blow your love till the night exists..






Brushing my hair,palpable I am,sitting in front of the mirror,waiting for your arrival,

I am wearing the best red lipstick,which makes you sing jingles for me,and my heart crumbles on that,

See I am the vivacious one,intoxicated by your charm,strapping I feel with you,

Moon gives the testimony each day,how strewn my love is for you,unconquered,fresh.

I am decorated in the pearl necklace that you bought from that expensive shop,and so you lookout for me,as I see..

The uncluttered gown has adorned my beauty,purple makes me jaunty,fever you give me,

And so I meekly wait for the echo of your footsteps,the thunder which I long to hear;

I wait for a ravish aura to enter now,make me dance as the bottle of wine explodes;

The heaviness in the room shall now be drifted away,love shall kindle,roses will blossom;

Radiant I feel,ready to be taken to the world of ecstasy,and now you are here,tipsy in you;

The wait is at halt,ready to melt,your arresting smile cracks my innocence,take me in you my love;

Make me your slave tonight,break me,the lust within me is on hike,so take me somewhere;where the roads of tranquility can be blemished.