My pillow talks.

The marks of water still exists from the last night on my white sheet pillow,

That pillow heard me struggling last night,it watched everything quietly,absorbed brilliantly!

Now,as I watch that sheet,it reckons the grappling that existed between my body and the pillow,mouth faced towards it,screams,shouts lost in infinite transparent moment.


When night is my soulmate.

What would we do if we were alone together? I do miss you.... All the time..:
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The sky has some ravishing tales to tell at night,the striking beauty seems so vivid to speak of its victorious solace perhaps;

The cool breeze teaches me to be patient as I mirror myself above the high sky,the magic and the delight to observe each sparkling star makes me feel fly;

My thoughts unravel in this frame of midnight,as if this composure will soothe all my bones and carry me to a place that is so buoyant,

I can walk in this calmness for long hours or could sit and wonder of all my powers,my love is passionate and deeply rooted for my honor;

I wish once,the great moon or the stars could come to me and offer me a kiss of fidelity,merry my heart will sing,ending to all the incongruous suffering.

Oh,yes make me your bride or lover,I shall be lost in you forever,there is something so charismatic about your night sight,I promise to be by your glorious side;

The marks of pain on my body shall be cleansed by your joyous love,teach me the lessons of life and detox me from this-worldly torment.

Be my light,be my guide..fill me with all the pride.Speak winds to me,giggle rain to me,ask the night to accompany me,so that my upcoming nights are dear to me!

That night.

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It was half past 8,Brittany has been waiting here since long now,solicitous her heart beat was,edgy her mind got.With that red heels she kept sitting there in that black bench,in the dark deep cultish night.Her once piquant eyes got pettish now.Sharp as blood,that red rose was dying now as pale as her.The petals were not jovial after waiting so long now.Her tender fingers were holding a book which she tightly squeezed allowing the book to take all the essence only of her fragile hands touch. Shimmery stars were about to vanish like a vapour.Her eyes were about to rain as if…

“oh where are you…my beloved..”

The longiness for her beloved was slackening now,bewildered and excruciating the pain was to wait for her better half.

The white dress turned all grey and her beautiful modish hair were turning lugubrious as if the wait for her beloved shall turn all her dreams in vain.The pain was to devour her,she felt it.

Her soul was agitated by now,saddened to core and fiendish her eyes got .Brittany watched the moon..the stars and the sky,she could tell for sure it would the sky could see her downpour too.That rained with all the great power..

Her soul was crushed now and the flower lay on the bench,all tattered and smashed up.Illusions of Matt reckon her yet again.”Oh,my darl..don’t you look like fresh apple from our delicate and lofty alltogether.”..she blushed inadvertently and collected her soul once again.

She realised her pain was for the man she craved,who made her heart all jingled.She also knew the rain destroyed that moment,that inner most pleasure of kissing and everything was nothing but…wait…!

P.S-My first attempt to write a minion-short story or rather a short piece.Hope it deserves atleast 1 or 2 comments.

Last night.

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I woke up today lost to the darkness in the room,curtains draped,lights out..I tried collecting my senses and sat on my cluttered bedsheet,time on my alarm clock peeped 10;50 a.m,I gasped a deep breath casting my mind back to what change of events occurred since last night.I assumed it to be a nightmare or a fantasy?Something reckons the chord of my heart screaming the voices from the past night,maybe I was insane enough to get drunk and lost in the middle of nowhere?Who gave me a shoulder to my room?My fantasy?I managed to reach my cupboard full of medicines and stuff related and instantly without mesmerizing the deleterious sides,I popped a pill and sat on the couch of my living room,where the sunshine made its gorgeous way dancing the happy tunes it generated.Minutes passed by and then some hours,the random pieces from the last night knocked  my mind eventually..there was a couple dressed so impeccably handsome,with gold decorated jewelery pieces who spoke only the good about their host,then there was a lady sitting on the corner chair,where less crowd followed her maybe an extensive celebrity she was who tried to concentrate only on her broken shoe,All the worldly people seem like a bizarre now,duality they showed can be chuckled now.I remember an old lady trying to captivate me through her cajole talks,consisting hypocrisy..who adored the beauty of my earings even though I lost one.Such a festivity it was.I showed up there as my dear friend asked me to be part of her celebration,little had I known I would have to pass so many acquaintances prior.Powerless I remain,unknown to the variety of faces,emotion last night gave!I now recollect,I never went to the drinking zone..god forbids my hand if I.The heaviness my mind held all this time still remain unanswerable,incongruous my blood flows..what in mother’s name made my stamina a lean twig?No alcohol.or perhaps the duality and the mask of human rancour,drifted my wholeness,making me shallow.

P.S-A work of fiction.