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That night.

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It was half past 8,Brittany has been waiting here since long now,solicitous her heart beat was,edgy her mind got.With that red heels she kept sitting there in that black bench,in the dark deep cultish night.Her once piquant eyes got pettish now.Sharp as blood,that red rose was dying now as pale as her.The petals were not jovial after waiting so long now.Her tender fingers were holding a book which she tightly squeezed allowing the book to take all the essence only of her fragile hands touch. Shimmery stars were about to vanish like a vapour.Her eyes were about to rain as if…

“oh where are you…my beloved..”

The longiness for her beloved was slackening now,bewildered and excruciating the pain was to wait for her better half.

The white dress turned all grey and her beautiful modish hair were turning lugubrious as if the wait for her beloved shall turn all her dreams in vain.The pain was to devour her,she felt it.

Her soul was agitated by now,saddened to core and fiendish her eyes got .Brittany watched the moon..the stars and the sky,she could tell for sure it would rain..as the sky could see her downpour too.That night..it rained with all the great power..

Her soul was crushed now and the flower lay on the bench,all tattered and smashed up.Illusions of Matt reckon her yet again.”Oh,my darl..don’t you look like fresh apple from our orchid..so delicate and lofty alltogether.”..she blushed inadvertently and collected her soul once again.

She realised her pain was for the man she craved,who made her heart all jingled.She also knew the rain destroyed that moment,that inner most pleasure of kissing and everything was nothing but…wait…!

P.S-My first attempt to write a minion-short story or rather a short piece.Hope it deserves atleast 1 or 2 comments.

The remains of my Heart.

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By the time I am perfect,I shall be in pieces bifurcated in millions of skin;

And then my remains will be imperfect for you,for my divisions will not be in accordance of your mundane expectations;

The thoughts have started already to torment me in the hatred I have for my presence.

The shimmer seems vanishing now,in the lost desire for solace.

Together with Peace.

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Lost is my childhood laughter,when I never worried of this disaster;

So much fun prevailed and the blessings remain uncountable;

What happened now,the stars only merry my charm and the moon increases my glam;

Bruised up is my heart,and gazing the gargantuan sky feels the reason of mirth;

I collect my heart altogether and walk million miles,to find that lost solace or perhaps the lost glimmer of my eyes;

It amazes me now,why the nature makes people jocund?Why the fresh morning dew increases the rush of the blood..?

For the lost humanity seems inexplicable on earth,and my hand is held by that lost peace together..somewhere..forever..


Kill me already.

Take your favourite weapon and then cut me in halves,bit by bit and in pieces uncountable,

then splash the color of my skin on your hands,take pleasure in it..give smiles for it,just kill me already;

Then carry my body all soaked in blood pieces,have a bonfire ..burn it there,sing jingles or tantrums to my soul..just kill me already;

Chop my innocence,cut my simplicity..take me to hell with a pointy dagger still in me,curse my mind,play with my smile..do something incorrigible,that my soul only can know..just kill me already.



Is my pain yours too?


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I sit here in my deep morbid thoughts,lost in you,wondering about you;

how my love never stopped caring for you,was it never felt by you?

Out of all I followed you,got absorbed in your air,never did my heartbeat stopped for you;

Still,you kill me with your strident words,that cut my skin in two halves..is my pain felt by you?

Embraced all that you gave,I changed my etiquette to match that yours,here I sit again then why so alone?

If I am wrong,just drown me deep in the darkness,where nobody shall follow..speak your word then.

As days pass on,despondent I grow..numbness occupied, wretched I live.


In the water..

...flow away with your hair flying... I am not your straight line (and beguile me)... like the sea:
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I tried hard and struggled bad to make everything ravishing about myself,people still tangle me in their manipulative games,that unspoken hatred glares from their eyes and sometimes so brutal that is shines from their dark heart,I’ve collected myself many times and made peace often with these surroundings yet somehow I feel the threshold point exceeding the hold.I am entwined in my own walls of fear now as if I am drowning..in my inner chaos that my mind refuse to make peace with.Sublimity of thoughts somehow is being crushed and destructed thus making me go deeper and deeper.Now as I am in the waters,I feel happy here, it amazed me first still the tranquility is speechless to describe.I am satisfied deep down,maybe I needed a lone time?I needed my own peace where I could satisfy only myself and no other hearts as they will pierce me only till I bleed..bleed so bad,my face turns blue and so does my heart.

I do not wish to float on souflle` of clouds because if it bursts I shall come down on earth so its better to be drowned.I am still in a state of furore,don’t know what people will again inject in me,I am exhausted and lost each day and now I don’t expect miracles to stop the pain so I shall remain underneath without being vindictive anymore,hoping may I find my little pieces of heart so that I can connect and rejoin them once again,in this emptiness.

One emotion that beats me up-sensitivity!

Hola! my charming readers.So is it only me,or even somebody else is way too emotional and sensitive over here,I mean waaaayyy too sensitive??Because this post is only for people who FEEL like for most of the delicate stuff they simply come across.Let me tell you something,as a child whenever the electricity went off in the hot sultry conditions of India,I thought only of humidity that the fauna planted in my dear house must had felt,and the story does not gets over just here..I would run to the lush plants and literally fan them with my small fragile hands!And,if I hadn’t had an opportunity to see the miracles and world of science,trust me even at 23,I would be fanning all the possible living or non-living things around me.

So,lets just say,I cannot see any sad soul hanging in this already loathsome environment of us,and to be honest,I really was never sad about it neither I feel any hatred me being all about the super-charged girl!But,there is something which instigates my heart as for now,all the convivial childhood days are over and yet here I am felling all the empathy for others while I am always the one in the end standing all by myself..is there something wrong I am doing?Why I would always feel pity to see sad souls?I am not drivelling anything that makes my eyes watery,mind you the point is not that I may happen to be cry baby,indeed the point is..my heart is always teary to see the pain around,and the thing which worsens it is my inability to bring out any productive transformations.Whatever I can,I always do just to see other happy dancing souls..but I am not satisfied,I want more,I want to wipe others black eyes with magical answers..I do not wish my empathy to go in vain,and this is not something for which I am boasting all the way.HELL,NO!I am only speaking what my heart holds tightly within it.Being a shadow for others,acting like an umbrella to others wont cost me anything!

“If I can’t get rid of the aura that always continue to give my heart an awe;I should get rid off the humdrum voices that covers up the sky.”

So,are you even like me?always having a poignant mind to hear or see others dreadful circumstances?Drop your valuable comments below,may be we can ignite some novel ideas in each other’s mind that way!May be!