How hard is to be satisfied?

Okay,so if we have everything still we crave for something better,unsatified!If we score 99%,we crave for that 1%,unsatisfied.If we have all the apples of life,we still will compare our lives with others,whether we check instagram, soon as we see others making us feel bad by posting their happening lives,we become unsatisfied.Why?

Why this happens we can’t take elation in our own surroundings?Why post everything on social media like others?Is that the real way to show we are happy?We need to let peace kiss us,when it actually wants to.

We need to be satisfied in what we have,if it’s hard,we should practice it,till we excel in it.

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Your magic.

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The torments of my worries,the conjecture of my peace get beautifully woven when your hands hold my waist.The tiny droplets in the sky seems like a river,a gushing river with the tales to tell in my ear.Your magical preludes exist all in the air,with sparks and glitters.My tears are vividly kissed by your mesmerizing lips,so tender and fragile the moment becomes like the newly offspring to the mother.The astounding moment when you spread your magic all over me is like the various exuberant colours of a bird’s wing,when opened one can see all the possible passion for life.You,my dear soul has the equivalent charm..a charm so unbroken and fresh that my heart holds it,preserves it and kisses it with the anew vigour.

The land that you have woven for me,the words that you comforted me with are like addiction now.I am so much into it,living in other half,oh yes you and you magic shimmer my eye like the pixie dust.Your horizon is wide as sky and the beauty in it is my home,my peace.



The lust in me won’t end up for travelling just like that.The conjecture of dreams turning into reality by gaining through commendable experiences is one big toast of success to our souls.

That’s my desire for travel.

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Image result for beautiful places

Extremely intriguing are the pictures.Don’t you all agree?It could be so great all that we have to do is wander..wander for our new experience,good or bad..wander for the memories,not the selfie moments but the mind saving memories.My mind will be at so much peace,maybe practice Buddhism!Who knows?

Then comes the moment of love.Loving ourselves,loving the nostalgia of scenic beauty…and for sure the love for our dear ones.Respect them,love them whole-heartedly,be with them..enjoy the little things.

Do let me know,what all you perceive from travelling!

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For the places,I remain wanderlust.

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How beautiful it could be to dive into the depth of lost air,with loose hair and no fear.With blood gushing rapidly in the body,adventures where becomes my sole dream of life,no I do not wish to sit at one place and accept what comes gladly to my lap.I am a wanderer,a wanderlust..the sound of rattling leaves,the music of air,the voice of sky speaks my ultimate mind.

My heart provokes my mind to wander more and when tired look into the mirror for something that vital like a missing substance from my body,that I begin my journey once again!No I have no fixed plans,still I want to loosen my braids,with serenity as my guide and wildness inside.To breathe the non-toxic air,to drink the sweetest of water,here I declare the war inside and its aim to find the lost tranquility.

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Find Peace within.


Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti is an invocation of peace. In the tradition of yoga, it is repeated three times at the end of a practice to symbolize peace within ourselves, peace with all of the earth, and peace with all that is beyond the earth.

Today I chose to speak something about spirituality,it may not appeal to everyone still my soul today has an urge of spreading peace,satisfaction to all the hearts out there.Whosover is a seeker of it may go through my this post.A li’l peace may good to you.

Starting off,my mind has recently experienced inner turmoil,conflicts and all the chaos which stopped the progressive working of my mind activities,I am sure major anxiety and conflicts must have been felt by you all somewhere  in this cycle of life.But this was my experience.Human tendency is incomprehensible,the more you try to indulge in its trap the more you are lost.Finding peace,practising NAMASTE,may not be easy in the beginning but you never know what tomorrow holds for you so what we need is to have faith  without getting lost in the precarious circle.I am no preacher,well frankly speaking I am fed up of the already babbling by the hideous preachers,not all have dual aspects but still already the judgments have been passed by so many of them thus I stand here to say today what may help you find peace within.In totality,you are your owner,creator the ultimate soul and the more we long to expect something from others,it kills the majority of our peace.In the same way if other person’s anger can get you easily it’s not because of his anger but because you are off-balance.We have to find that serenity within us ,without expecting much from others.For me the root cause of degradation of peace within us are





There can be many reasons that kills the tranquillity within us and we allow the negative aura to do its work.Why do’nt we just stay strong and work on ourselves?This world,human,everyone needs so much of love which for obvious reasons has been vanished somewhere in the air..and no one tries to even work on restoring that my concern is for each individual..each distinctive soul!We live on planet Earth,here each soul will keep judging you..all you need to practice is avoiding such people in a healthy manner as such people may come and go from your lives,but you have to live with yourselves forever,so make yourself pleasant,positive and peaceful.In reality,I agree all this may sound a li’l bizarre but I believe in miracles and act of practicing because even small acts of miracles that we watch in fantasy movies require a lot of practice..Right?

To let go off the past no matter how dark it was ,is a brave thing to do and there might be a possibility of you stumbling on your way,but if you make will enjoy the perks of  restfulness  after attaining true sense of peacefulness.    ~MY VALIANT SOUL.


Your life is in the now:

Every morning,a new you is born..with that new aims will fly,so all you need to do is catch that new light and never allow it to defeat you again,if it does in future..another day will again come!HANG ON!Train your mind to see something good in everything as you don’t have to control your thoughts every just need to stop letting them to control you.Try chanting prayers,just to yourself..have a moment and count your blessings,keep on trying untill you find your peace.

That is all,I intended to converse with you people,finding peace within us is the strenuous thing to pursue but if once accomplished..THE GALLERY DECORATED WITH THE DROPLETS OF PEACE WILL ADORN OUR SOULS TO THE ABYSMAL…

  • Clear the gutter accumulated inside you,stop being revengeful rather be a reverent to others.
  • Dont count the hardships you had,count the colours you have.
  • Seek goodness in you,others will ultimately feel the prepossessing unit of it.
  • Let go off the past.Breathe.

Have a peaceful weekend.NAMASTE!