Hola lovely people of WordPress!

So, how you all have been?How’s everything, career, life goals?Plannings, if any?What’s new or what’s new that has been revamped only a bit?Anyway, you got the point.I have been keeping a bit off from WP lately, of course, due to life goals , but I knew something crucial was missing from my inner corner.Like a blank piece, perhaps and not to my surprise I knew the reason was me not blogging enough.

So, thought  I would say a big hi to you all once again.Wish you all a great day ahead.

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With a pinch of faith.

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Hush you grey clouds,

today the waters shall abate,

like a thunder you say,vapid butterflies

shall fly away

free from the earth

somewhere they make merry

Hush you insensate emotions

my sweet canvass awaits for me

with some bubbles of faith,

and some roses of hope

I shall re-colour you grey cloud,

with the deepest of pure tremor.


For everything shall have me.

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Much crimson shades exists,

reverie of music dream like stunts,

Here I go,only to know,the zigzags of this era holds my breaths,

Brush harder and see,shake a twig,

remove the filth,

adore the formation,

as I move ahead,

casting the shadow,

through the words I eat,

like the ultimate breakfast,

I create and create,

the unflagging shakes.