Pablo Neruda-The greatest of all.

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This post is going to be all about my love and respect for the chilean writer Pablo Neruda,a poet-diplomat and a politician.His work is divine,religious for me.The translations are so much intense and intriguing for a poet like me.My inspiration for seeking life,love is inspired from this man.His pen wrote all the mysteries in an artistic way that provokes all the happiness,self-actualization in brevity.Words become holy,if it is him.Image result for pablo neruda

I aim to cherish his work till eternity.If you doubt on me,dear readers..see for your own eyes then.

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If I could be a trace of his work,I for once I could have a glance for his entire universe shall be cherished like a candle producing light.

Thankyou Mr.Neruda.You shall be always respected.


3 day quote challenge!

Wow!It feels like million of ages since I’ve spread the good charms of optimism around and so here I begin my journey once again.To start off I would like to show immense gratitude  to for providing me with beatific opportunity as I truly love the idea of quotes challenge.

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“I had made mistakes in the past,I surely will continue to make further,the best thing that still intact me is the fact I shall be still the same.”-MY VALIANT SOUL.

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That’s all for now,Enjoy and have a great weekend!

3 day quote challenge!

Hola,my valuable readers!

I was  nominated  for this challenge long back ago,once again to carry on the spark of spreading vibrant quotes and peace in each heart out there by an amiable blogger   and thus,I will be hoping to do my task the best way possible.

The category I choose today is DESIRE!

1-Free from the desire,you realize the mystery,caught in the desire you only see the manifestations.~Tao Ti Ching

2You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream!~C.S Lewis.

So chase your desires,your flowy dreams..age does not matter!

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Till then..