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What shall stay?

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If it is soil,I can hold it till that moment,untill it falls completely out of my hand,leaving my palm empty-handed..for I know that soil shall make it way out.The remains shall be dirt,filth and some stubborn marks on my hand.So,is life to us,whatever we choose to hold,it may go..vanishing into oblivion,like never ever was reality a bliss.That hurts.

If something vital just misplace,the pain is excruciating,indelible.If we,hypothetically catch starts into our palms,would that too go?So what shall stay?Who shall stay?

So many countless nights,I pondered to reckon the truth,to gulp the veracity,no-one matters after the life is yours.The life shall be your way of dealing.No one shall soothe your worris?They do only for couple of days or hours,but does it makes you ultimate happy?

We need to identify the composed,intact version of ourselves,I guess..for our own soul can never leave us unlike the soil or stars untill it’s time for us to take a last breath.Sigh!



Unsaid words..

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Hello dear readers!

Life is so unpredictable yet random some times,things have become so different now for me,sometimes its really hard to hold my self and motivate my inner mirth,each day and each night,there is some pinch of loneliness,I don’t know exactly what emotion is that now.I know,this phase will also pass out..guess what?I thought this days back also..months back too,still I am here rambling crazy words,perhaps!Also to be honest,I got bored with my same style of typing through my blog but not with my poems.Funny thing is,I wasn’t even a poet till now,I only wrote poems occasionally and more of lifestyle articles,but as I said earlier..life is unpredictable and here I am updating all the heaviness though my so called”intense,heavy poems”by many readers.Glad I’ve reached at this junction that people actually read my poems and appreciate to a strong level of satisfaction.Well coming back to my rambling..I was just shutting my eyes off when I thought why people on this planet have to be insensitive while talking to the next person?Because they were vexatious due to some stuff?Or agitated?Allright that can happen!But what when insensitive souls crush the sensitive one’s?Really I am not making sense perhaps,but the state of mind is furore only..maybe I need some days off from reality as its utter debacle!Maybe I need some more close relation with nature,because it always saves me,or a cup of hot coffee,perhaps..I need something at least as I am unsatisfied..

^^still unsatisfied^^What do I want?Jeez!