Hello, dear ones!

Now, I know for all those who are new to WP you must be busy in finding your audience and followers.And to achieve that you must be peeping into other’s blog surely, which is a good thing.

What I have observed recently, people would come to my blog and press that like button like it’s raining.Without any stoppage, without any pause..all I get is ‘like’ to almost all of my posts.What superpower do such people have, I wonder?

It’s once again a humble request kindly don’t play that kindergarten games wherein if you like or follow my post so shall I. Nope!I will still follow the blogs that I admire or find my niche for.Your million likes would go waste, so save it kindly!

If you like my work, then only hit like as this platform is not like Facebook or Instagram, I write some of my deepest thoughts, I produce my originality here.I would really appreciate if you all take out your time to read it.I would be honoured, really!

As for the sake of followers, it’s my advice to all the newbie, please don’t indulge into gaining followers as your priority for if your work is adorable people will come to it by the end of the day.I know ‘numbers’ motivates us but you need to write with that flow eventually.

Hope you all agree to it.Happy Blogging!



It’s the Doomsday.

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Today is the day when I feel the doomsday

clotting my blood

palpitating my heart.

The rumbling of emotions too hard to handle

The sorrow shall blow the flickering candle,

The enigma bloats the conscious,

like the unkindled romance,

or never met the loving couple

the luminous soul bleeds,

yearning stoutness.

The eyes for this day

don’t glitter,

for it’s the doomsday.

How superstitious are you?

Hola,my dear readers!

I must have rambled enough with my poetic genre,I know..well that’s me and you can’t blame me for that..because,well..hello,I am a bloody poet and what else do you expect?When I started with my this blog around 6 months back..I remember I wanted to cover everything about my everyday articles that fascinate me,but thanks to the WordPress..I realised how much I enjoy poetry,aaahhhh…so much peace in there I found.


So,without further roundabout,let’s dig into the topic that I want to speak.

Superstition,is something that always amazes me.The much I jump into the theory of stars,numbers, the more I’m inclined towards the reality of all sorts of feng-shuis.I personally have a desire and depth for it.The genuine,scientific theories if can be given behind every omen or astrology I guess I would pay attention to it at the drop of the hat.In India,specially,omens and religious beliefs are quiet familiar.It’s like the other synonym for our country,well..of course it may be true or untrue.Can you judge that?

The Simpsons homer simpson episode 5 season 11 leave

Superstition is not exactly being irrational or one being a chicken only if it’s coupled by some traces of reasoning,well that’s only my personal belief.For some it might be a thing for the losers,or for some its a secondary thing to blame when we fail to achieve our goal.But do you believe my notion of completely brushing aside from the facts?

For eg.A cat crosses your path.Now,If you are all the way headed towards your sweet destination in all jolly mood,you perhaps won’t consider even giving a glance to it.I,myself would drive my car in such an instance,reason being..is there a scientific fact behind it?

Still,I never ignore the big word.As there is something about it,much deeper and intriguing.

What’s your take about all the theories related to superstition?Don’t forget to drop in your views as they might fetch you some new followers..wait a minute was that….?oh yes..a superstition!!(unrealistic one).


The longest pause.

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So meek I feel,like the frozen moment in which my words remain intact within me.The rupturing of new-born thoughts in my mind make my soul a heavy place perhaps,a tedious heart.The overflowing ramblings are pure,new,fragile like the fresh waters of the sea in the morning.I feel like scratching my thoughts deep in my mind,to straighten them up,in a queue.

What so befuddled happened right now,shall remain with me all sturdy.The pause between my actions and my words is the longest,like the hiatus gap between the earth and the sun.Some pondering to do,some beliefs to experiment,am I ready for this huge change?New ways to discover,new paths to create,no more halts shall occur.

The whole bunch of words in my mind are speaking, clamouring the loudest of illusions.The fear inside me is like the giant parasite indeed,more subtle,glorious ways shall happen if I defeat the undefeated.Time to open up the box has come,with no more guilt in heart yet certain wisdom in mind..here I rise.

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What remains?

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The intensity of the depth of waters is perhaps like reflection of our own self.You touch the waters,it forbids to be still and so eloquently it moves..the random small bubbles formed are like the emotions entrapped in our body or heart.If someone touches it nonchalantly,the emotions never fail to hurt us in the perfect manner.After the touch is gone,the stillness returns..but is it the same like before?

If we go deep in the darkness of any substance,question that enthrall my mind is after all the turbulence,actually what remains?Is it the tragedy that happened or the aftermath that has resulted in further numbness?The people or stilness?What remains?If it’s the deep stains of wounds,perhaps how you still survive?So if that makes you a warrior,what further remains?

Dig deeper and deeper,I somehow believe something more substantial yet unknown to the humanity prevails,if once found maybe that could enhance the enchanting truths of heart and life.