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If..it’s Blank?..

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The bottom and the rim of my heart is blank,

no tides or waves..

not even monsoon peeps the heart,

the conjectures doesn’t smell fresh,

name it stale,

name it hideous,

nothing alluring,

like it’s all plain,

and black.

The high spirits,still linger,

through the dark holes,

through the black lines,

only to know,

will the blankness still persist more.


Lost Light..

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How deep I need to go to bring my paintings of heart,

how splendid should I be,to make you laugh,

I giggled and beamed to show you the light,

the light that fizzled out for you,

Wasn’t I keeping you warm,attainable,


cold breeze is speaking to me,destroying once blooming petals of heart,

here I am,shivering once again.

My companion once again..

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The delicacy of this face is embossed by heavy markings of tear,without any fear;

The sole loneliness has given the perfect winter chills already,as no woven blanket comforts the cold wave felt in;

The pain becomes my new guest,so stubborn and refractory,as if it wishes to be my companion once again;

Thorns inflict pain,true they say it, as I was the fool never to admit it.


Ashes and Grace.

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Querulous breath I inhale,vapid thoughts then exhale;

Feckless remains the soul,

There must be something invigorating about the ashes of human,or else why so much reverence prevails?

I wonder what my ashes will speak;

The suaveness of my persona;

or the ultimate hidden spots?

I search with all my remaining passion for the lost piquant spirits I hugged once;

for ashes are grace they say;

Deep daring  my heart has perhaps,for ashes are my thoughts now.


The unloved heart.

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Aberrant in your love,I walked a thousand miles,abstruse my love, you found?

All the bewitching spark I held for you,I bought all together,wore the jewellery piece you treasured once;

In acquiesce all your words I carried,not complaining,begged you to embrace me,this world already hated me;

So I walked to get shattered in your love,my cravings undefined,hopeful I remained;

A blatant touch, covetous you say,Indeed I breathe benign ,like the stars romancing with the moon;

Imbecile I remain now to learn your emotions,truth to be revealed,a stone-like gut hit my heart;

Biddle you spoke your word to me,I learned the truth..you never longed for me.