Hopes In Heart.

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With the roses in mind,

hopes in heart

I walked down

in the euphoria of Twilight stars

You stood there,

my gargantuan soul

twirling my black curls,

As you patted my hair,

You kissed the left out corners of my heart,

Healed it,

Nurturing it,

Making the pains disperse,

in the forbidden time.


My Smile.

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Too much numbness covered my heartbeat,

with the new sunrays,I still aspire.

The mirror now proclaims happiness,

Oh!How wonderful my smile appears.

P.S-Bless this day,as I pen down to write something unwritten for ages now.Bless my laptop keys as they hit the free spirit that I wonder is still alive in me.So much deep thoughts can really hit like stone and make the aura perhaps uncomfortable.But guess what?That’s my genre,so I still will write WHATEVER comes in my mind.

Sweet Meadows.

Related imageHand in hand,we exchange our breaths;

with tenderness in soul as intimacy controls;

the bubbles of warmth,the clouds of love;

The thrilling sites,with pride inside;

As we walk the sweet meadow.

The smiles thrive, in the exquisite miles;

Your touch I paint in my veins,

as we walk in the sweet meadow.


Something about Humour..


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Hola my fellow readers!

There is something about the word HUMOUR,so fascinating and enchanting that every time I think of it,I manage to flash a smile.Things are not like all cookie for me but hey..if there is a problem I do plan out the worst that could happen and in that way again I smile and think there is something humourous about humour.haha!Whosoever invented the concept of cracking jokes or making healthy memes deserves my respect as it really is wonderful stress buster.Each day,all the chaos never fails to turn our lives upside down and mess with our hopes but still there is something about humour as we tend to take time out from all that and manage to mock of all our worries and chill about it,and that is a nice thing to do I believe.I am writing this post today as I was little off lately and its time to dedicate some respect and rant about the king of all emotions…HUMOUR!No,wait..the king of emotions is happiness,I guess?Right?Or,probably they both are just coupled together..well you get it hopefully now?Hush..!

Thing is,whenever you feel anxiety is dominating you or stress is like that piece of heavy stone which can’t be shifted by anything or anyone,there are certain steps that can help you to defeat that.Have a look-

LIVE IN THE PRESENT-Ok,so what better would happen if you keep living in the  past,or keep chanting the horrifying stuff that already has happened,you have your  today now..right now in your hand,and please do not spoil it by just babbling about  the wicked thoughts of past,now by that I never mean to rant about future you know  because lets just say..let the future boxes get unboxed on their own..without your imagination..good,bad..whatever still don’t expect something from future just keep  on your working caps with you each time..in present.

 EMBRACE THE HAPPINESS AROUND-So,I know I am not exactly in your shoes or not knowing what all commotion has happened in your environment,but if for  once we do a little act of kindness to others or even spread smiles to others face,we can actually cuddle the happiness around us and maybe gradually by  being there for each another we can imbibe the jocose air within us.

WORST OUTCOME-Neither of us control our own destiny,but we surely can work   to make it smooth and even if we fail,we can make some alternatives and   backups and  evaluate the possible dreadful happenings that can take   place.Check your future with  your present,eventually you will see things are  just perfect by the end.You just need to hang on!

And lastly,never hesitate to laugh till your belly hurts,till tears start streaming from your eyes..but the happy ones.We have just this one single life and no matter what turbulence you go through it,a period of relaxation will always welcome you to take you forward to a more beautiful aspects of life.YOU DESERVE ALL THE HAPPINESS,NOBODY CAN TAKE THAT FROM YOU!Till then keep smiling,enjoy the weekend and don’t forget to be a valiant in your own way!

Happy Blogging!:)