Waves and sunshine.

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How obnoxious our minds get at times,when our stomach aches nothing but pain,how crucial life gets to see a turbulence in our entire mind.Emotions get wrapped up as a package of miseries,unspoken hate and more worries.Those time takes us back to square one,where the roads once were bruised just like our heart.The soreness bites our little grinning thoughts that might have appeared through our smile,yes,it happens.

What do we do next?

There have been desolations since centuries after bloodshed,wars and this time the havoc comes when the peace in our heart is blacked out just like the charcoal.The brutality of times can never be said,there shall come,kill your innocuous soul and move on,it’s us who needs to erase the past,the past of hatred…the past of scratches,for there comes a beaming sunshine and a splendid view that shall scintillate our heartbeat and give us that bounce and once stolen thunder.

And my dear,that beam is still in you so sparkle more and unravel your solitude once again.

A welcoming note-The Winters!

Hola my dear readers!

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So finally after a long wait,the year of happiness and comfort is here.The charm of winters,coziness all the insufficient warmth are the stuff to rave about.The thing with me is I feel extremely cold in the winters yet winters is my favourite of all the seasons.The darkness,the fog,the exquisite touch of comfort and laziness are beyond the walls of appreciation,it somehow makes me go in the divine era,weird?Not for me.

The chill speaks so much to me and the sunshine,the long hours of imbibing the sunrays after the chill,the hot coco,coffee and my favourite book to go,life is so happy just this way!I could literally take in a lot of deep,intense thoughts during my hours in the sunshine..just sitting and getting lost..

Today was one such day,I welcomed Winters by preparing myself a simple,amazing hot Choco mug cake which apparently turned out awesome and I enjoyed it to the bits while watching a good flick.Afterall sundays have to be productive,right?lol.



The moment I felt sunshine..

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Last night was peppy in the mesmerizing arms of yours,you vanished my demons like the blossoming flower;

Oh!how you slipped your love into my heart and caress my body with the eternal clouds of hope and faith;

After the thunder I realised the charm a morning holds that is so tranquil and juvenile,

Your touch extinguished the pain I held in the most prepossessing way,the noises in my head are now comforted;

The turbulence is now comforted,the bed tea seems a beatific dream in the stars shown by you;

Last night you landed me to the moon,held me tightly and moved me carefully,the aftermath is the smiles and flowers with a pinch of sunshine.