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Come,count the ways.

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You ask how my body smells of you?You ask how I breathe for you?The atlas of my body shall show you the destinations.It shall reveal all the vulnerable points of my body,like summer meeting its cool breeze or love kindling in the most rawest form,wild and free.

Come,I shall count the ways,I fancy you,like the brightest moon sparkling the dark skies,making the sky worth a glance.Like the infinite kiss one could imagine,with equations equal to exemplary delicacy.Like the ways,it shall be divine with you in mind and your thoughts wild awake in soul.So fresh and dewy you are,come count the ways front and back.

I shall take you to the fragments of my mind,then visit you in my intoxicated mind that hold the pictures of you,all intensified to the core,with colors of your love,red being the prominent one.The splash of colors remind me,your impeccable horizons,I crave.You exist in my veins,come peek into my blood,for it shall proclaim your love,for it shall declare my utmost desires,the unheard prayers of my fragile soul.Come once again,I shall show you the mirror of my heart,you shall know that it is all you,for you.




Related imageI breathe in thy dry soil,no human smiles, no playful hearts for real.

The water I drink gives me questions,the roads I walk gives a queer feeling.

Some give flowers whilst some give cruelty,

The triumph breeze calms me in that moment,making me sublime.

The naivety I carry is concisely mine,

I am the creator and the care-taker,

In thy shambolic time,poetry is my wine.

like two hearts connected for eternity with no cause,

or like the great romance that gives spark to the followers,

poetry is mine..poetry is in me.

I absorb the virtue of it..I eat it and live it.

Unsaid words..

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Hello dear readers!

Life is so unpredictable yet random some times,things have become so different now for me,sometimes its really hard to hold my self and motivate my inner mirth,each day and each night,there is some pinch of loneliness,I don’t know exactly what emotion is that now.I know,this phase will also pass out..guess what?I thought this days back also..months back too,still I am here rambling crazy words,perhaps!Also to be honest,I got bored with my same style of typing through my blog but not with my poems.Funny thing is,I wasn’t even a poet till now,I only wrote poems occasionally and more of lifestyle articles,but as I said earlier..life is unpredictable and here I am updating all the heaviness though my so called”intense,heavy poems”by many readers.Glad I’ve reached at this junction that people actually read my poems and appreciate to a strong level of satisfaction.Well coming back to my rambling..I was just shutting my eyes off when I thought why people on this planet have to be insensitive while talking to the next person?Because they were vexatious due to some stuff?Or agitated?Allright that can happen!But what when insensitive souls crush the sensitive one’s?Really I am not making sense perhaps,but the state of mind is furore only..maybe I need some days off from reality as its utter debacle!Maybe I need some more close relation with nature,because it always saves me,or a cup of hot coffee,perhaps..I need something at least as I am unsatisfied..

^^still unsatisfied^^What do I want?Jeez!

Romance with my Pen.

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As my pen writes,new emotions opens up,sometimes sad and sometimes jovial.The ink is like my blood that flows in me,for that is the most precious gem that keeps my mind going.The blank sheet is like my life,in which I decide to write the uncountable chapters of mirth or even cry.I shatter at times and become warrior at times,the words are my home that clings my mind within so deep and intact.The flow of my thoughts flow seamlessly on that paper,as the darkest of my pain reveals in that sheet.It is wonderous to know how that soothes my heart,perhaps my pen says the strongest of my dark shades.

The bliss of my heart flourishes and ravish flawlessly on that paper,the ink bleeds and bleeds.. like the flow of vigorous river.The turmoil at times degrades my solace,yet my pen resonates that impeccably the time I write.My numbness finds it peace as I draft it on that paper like the uncountable stars present in the sky.When I hold thy pen,it kisses my breath and instills me with faith..tells me untold mystic secrets and mollify the unbearable pain,the charm of writing carries me to unsaid period of consolation.

The voice within me muddles my mind and questions my soul so I make romance with my writing to calm me down ..to soothe my bones for the upcoming days shall again whither my heart making it dull and insipid.

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Mind in Chaos.

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Sometimes the flow of my ink breaks,sometimes it utters the most veracious words.I continue to remain in the swamp of ablaze,though wondering what shall happen if I refuse to speak my words.The inner turmoil twists my mind often in an unplanned way,gives me shiver when I write.I have this urge instilled in me to adorn the paths in an ebullient way,sometimes crooked sometimes curvy.I hold my pen,my strongest weapon to speak the most substantial emotion,sometimes I am floating in the darkness of numbness,while sometimes climbing the ladder of flowers..still second thoughts arrive and carry me someplace undefined.Often,I imagine myself in a dark dusty place at times,with no one arround..no heart beating,if anything persists it is the insecurities perhaps that lock horns with my mind ,firmly.My  future is uncertain and so is the luck of my palms,my pen shakes,my thoughts budge and I am often lost in the whims of expressing my emotions.Don’t know where this flow of my ink might take me..I hope it’s a place better than state of unconscious,where the dust of my chair gets some reverence,and the inkpot discovered.